Report Your Lost Card Options

Option 1. If you lost your card and you would like a few days to look for the card, you can report the card as lost through the GET Funds website. This option will deactivate all of your campus accounts including meals and Campus Cash. To reactivate the card you will need to come to the card office at 1131 Student Union. To choose this option click on this link.

Option 2. Come to 1131 Student Union to get a new card, the cost is $20.00 for a new card. 

After hours? Not a problem, stop by the information center at the Student Union and ask for a building manager for and they will be able to print you a new card.

The university is not responsible for misuse of your ID from the time it is lost to the time it is reported missing.


I found my lost card, now what?

If the lost card is found, it will no longer work, but please retain the card and put it in a safe place. In the future, if you misplace a card again, we can turn the old one back on for you at no charge.