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Check out the link for hours of each dining location.
Dining Hours

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  • Morning Drive: Breakfast-smoothies and yogurt; Lunch and Dinner-salads; All day-fruit
  • Cucina: Pizza, pasta, sauces, variety of rotating breads (breadsticks, garlic bread, etc.)
  • Homestyle: Breakfast – eggs, breakfast meat, breakfast potato, syrup soaker(pancakes, waffles, etc.); Lunch & Dinner – hot entrée, vegan/vegetarian hot entrée, vegetables (roasted and steamed), starch (potato, rice, etc.) 
  • Grill-Sizzle in Style: Hot sandwich, side (french fries, onion rings, etc.)
  • End of Sizzle in Style Area: Breakfast-muffins, bagels & cream cheese, pasties; Lunch and Dinner-desserts, ice cream
  • Innovate (Area across from the Main Serving Line):  Lunch -  this area will be used as a 2nd Homestyle line; Dinner – Chef prepared meals 
  • Stand Alone Counter Across from Grill Area:  Cereal, juice, coffee
  • Beverages: Located at most of the serving stations


  • Mondo’s Sub Shop                                                       
  • Beverages                                                
  • Convenience Store Items

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Have a question?

For everything you need to know regarding dining plans, Eagle ID cards and more, checkout our YouTube channel! We'll walk you though it all, step by step!

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Meet Jess, Your Registered Dietitian!

Jess Harke is our Campus Registered Dietitian, giving nutrition counseling in areas such as food allergies and sensitivities, sports nutrition, intuitive/mindful eating, and fitness. You will likely see Jess throughout campus promoting healthy eating with sampling tables, dining hall tours and presentations with various organizations on campus.

To schedule an appointment with Jess, click here.
jharke@uwlax.edu  |  608-785-6480

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