Summer UB 2018

Upward Bound is a program for high school students who are motivated to go to college and need help.   Getting ready to succeed in college is a lot of work and Upward Bound is here to support you.

First steps

  • Are you eligible? Take this survey and find out!
  • Start your application.
  • Get help with your personal statement (a requirement of the application).  This is not meant to be a cause for stress, we are simply looking to learn a bit more about you, what your goals are, and what we might be able to do to help you achieve them.

Is Upward Bound the right fit for you?

  • Are you a 9th or 10th grader and have at least a 2.5 GPA in your college prep/core classes (Math, Science, English, Social Studies)?
  • Do you like to challenge yourself, learn new things, meet knew people, and experience new things?
  • Are you ready to commit one night per week, one Saturday afternoon per month, and six weeks in the summer to preparing for college?

If you said yes, then we are likely the place for you!

A complete application includes ALL of the following items:

1. The student application

2. A personal statement written by the student

3. A transcript request form, signed by the student and a parent or guardian, submitted to the Guidance Office of the applicant's high school. 

4. The complete parent application.  Make sure to include financial information and the student's social security number. (Spanish Parent Application here)

5. School recommendation form, transcripts, test scores and any IEP or alternative learning arrangements (when applicable) submitted by the school.

Once we have received all of these items, we will contact the applicant to arrange an interview.  

Things to know

Of all students who go to college, less than 60% will graduate. Everyone needs help! expanding section

Yep - even if you make it to college, there's no guarantee you'll get that important degree. For students who are from lower income homes and/or whose parents don't have a college degree ("first generation" students) the percentages are lower - even for "high achieving" students!
UB students are encouraged and supported to take tough college-prep classes, including four years of math, science, language arts, social studies and world language when possible. (Taking and passing high level math classes is a good predictor of college success.)
UB also makes sure students know about important college-prep steps and events like visiting colleges, preparing for and taking the PSAT, volunteering and networking to explore career options, keeping a student résumé, preparing a strong college application, applying for scholarships and financial aid in a timely manner, and more. UB's summer "practice college" helps students understand the skills and behaviors they need to develop to be good college students.

Upward Bound students earn money for participation expanding section

Stipends are given for full participation at regular UB tutoring sessions and Saturday events during the academic year. In summer, UB students earn a weekly stipend. Selected students may also be eligible for UB's work-study program where they explore a career that interests them and earn a stipend. Over a four-year period, a student who participates fully in UB programming can earn over $1,000 in stipends!

Upward Bound graduates can count on continued help and support from Upward Bound. expanding section

UB provides a "Bridge" program for selected graduates that helps them through their first summer at college with tutoring, advising and mentoring; tuition, room and board; special events and even a summer job. After that, we hope our graduates will keep in contact and call on us if they need help choosing a graduate school, transferring to a different college or getting references for a job application. Once you graduate from UB, you will have a built-in support system during your college career and beyond.