Summer UB 2018

Forms and surveys




  • Sat. April 20 Community Service 8am-12pm (8am-10am Community Service at the Children's Museum of La Crosse, 10am-12pm other activities and lunch will be provided). The address of the museum is 207 5th Avenue South, La Crosse, WI 54601.

College Visits:



Summer UB consists of living in the (air-conditioned) residence hall, learning new concepts and course content, living with a roommate, attending the Great River Shakespeare Festival, job shadow opportunities (seniors only), as well as many other new and exciting opportunities.  Summer UB will allow students to get a preview of their college prep courses (math, science, English, and Senior Seminar if you are a rising senior, Skills, or a World Language (if available) and as close to a college experience living in the residence hall. Students who pass all their classes may earn up to a 1.0 elective credit at their high school to count towards graduation. All this for FREE and you will get a weekly stipend when you leave on Fridays (or we can hold onto it for you for the summer trip). 

Apply here: Residential Survey and the Summer Consent forms.


Students MUST complete BOTH the Residential Survey and turn in all the consent forms in order to complete your application and be eligible for a bonus.  Bonuses are awarded half at the beginning of summer and the other half upon completion of the summer program. 

*By Friday, February 15 for $50 bonus
*By Friday, April 12 for $25 bonus


Wednesday, 6/12 - students move in between noon and 3:00pm, orientation week begins

Friday, 6/14 - Students home at 5:30 p.m. (every Friday at 5:30 p.m.)

Sunday, 6/16 - Students return to Eagle Hall at 6 p.m. (every Sunday at 6 p.m.)

Wednesday, 7/3 - Students dismissed after LA class @ 12:30pm for July 4th Holiday (NO LUNCH)

Sunday, 7/7 - Students return to campus at 6 p.m.

Week of 7/15  – Finals week – schedule TBD

Friday, 7/19 - Last day on UW-L campus; students move out

Monday, 7/22 - UB travels to Twin Cities, MN 

Thursday, 7/25 - UB back from Twin Cities and UB graduation (6 p.m. – tentative time)



All seniors are eligible to apply and participate in the Summer Bridge program.  Similar to the regular summer program, Bridge allows graduated seniors to take a 3.0 credit college course, live in the residence hall, have a paid internship with UB to gain work skills all for free. Bridge students are considered summer staff and are expected to attend training with the rest of residential summer staff.   Students also earn a weekly stipend.  We highly suggest seniors participate as spots are limited.Get a head start to college and apply for the Summer Bridge program today

*Seniors' bridge application deadline is Saturday, April 20 and are not eligible for bonuses. 

To get your Stipend you must: 

  • Complete any pending survey(s) 
  • RSVP to upcoming events
  • Complete Cyberbound 
  • Submit a copy of your ACT scores from juniors & anyone who missed the UB ACT needs to make it up.
  • Seniors: copies/pictures of your college acceptance letters & your SAR from FAFSA.

Orientation Forms and Surveys

New students during their 60-day probationary period are required to complete the following surveys and forms.  

  1. Needs Assessment - print off this form and circulate it to your teachers.  When completed, submit the form to your tutoring supervisor.
  2. LASSI Survey - this is an assessment of how you study and helps us understand what help you may need from Upward Bound.
  3. COPS Survey - this is an interest inventory to help direct your career choices.  We will use this information to help plan Career Day, college visits, and summer sessions.
  4. 60 Day Probation Contract- it is important that everyone understands what is expected by being a part of Upward Bound.  Print, sign and submit this form to your tutoring supervisor.
  5. Authorization Release Form - print off this form and parents complete the emergency contact and sign in consent for school administrators to provide release of midterms, grades, and/or transcripts; state testing scores (such as but not limited to ACT,  PSAT, SAT, WKCE, Badger, etc.); financial aid application, award letters, and other proposal letters; copy of Student Aid Report (SAR) and FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid); copy of Individual Education Plan (IEP) or any other recommended disability services or diagnosis; any other information about students' postsecondary plans, status on program admissions applications, enrollment verification in a postsecondary institution, information about graduation from postsecondary institution, and any other records verifying students' admission to, attendance or status at and/or separation from a postsecondary institution.    
  6. Self Esteem Inventory - completed once per year by all UB participants, this survey uses statements, to which you decide are "like you" or "not like you".


UB Student Handbook