Summer UB 2018

For those students who do not have home work 

What do students need to do for UB?

This link will take you to a google.doc spreadsheet that will tell you what students have done, and what they have left to do to meet their paperwork, Cyberbound and survey requirements.

ACT Prep websites  - Students will create a login profile and should use as their "coach" email.

College Exploration

UW Help - for information about schools within the University of Wisconsin System
UW Help Youtube - for videos on all the things to consider when choosing a college
Big Future - a site created by College Board, this covers a wide range of information
First in the Family - this site helps students understand what their parents might not be able to

Skill Building

Vocabulary building - includes ACT and PSAT vocabulary help

Memory building - the site includes a series of games to stimulate brain function

Being an Upward Bound tutor

Great ideas for small group IceBreakers


Self Evaluation | Supervisor Evaluation | Student Summary

Expectations Powerpoint - to learn what is expected of UB participants and staff

Executive Order #54 - for more information regarding your responsibility as a mandated reporter

Student Handbook - for a complete explanation of services, expectations and resources available to students