Call for Proposals

Teacher Education Council of State Colleges and Universities (TECSCU) Annual Fall Meeting 2020: October 13–14, 2020

Proposal submission deadline: July 19, 2020, at 11:59 p.m.
Notification emails will be sent on or before: August 3, 2020

Suggested topics include, but not limited to:

  • How is your educator preparation program supporting students, faculty and partners around equity and justice?
  • What ways are you planning with equity and justice in mind?
  • How are you advocating for equity and justice for students and faculty?

All submissions must include:

  • Presenter(s) information: name, title/position, institution/organization name, address, contact information
  • Type of presentation:
    • Paper/presentation: 45 minutes (concurrent with other sessions)
    • Panel: 60 minutes (several viewpoints presented on a single topic)
    • Work session on like interests: 90 minutes (partnership strand)
  • Title of the presentation
  • Specification of strand 
    • Partnerships: This strand includes sessions describing opportunities for partnerships designed to empower, inform, and influence policy and practices. These include school/university parterships, role-alike sessions (i.e. Deans and Associate Deans), topical sessions that surround specific educational contexts, and sessions that promote future partnerships and strategies in addressing issues at the sate/national level.
    • Policies: This strand includes sessions that seek to describe, analyze, or implement policies that approach current issues in teacher education and ways to effectively advocate for teacher education in a variety of contexts.
    • Practices: This strand includes sessions that describe current and promising practices that impact clinical experiences, student retention, recruitment, fundraising, curriculum, data usage, equity and diversity issues, or other relevant practices.
    • Non-theme related
  • Abstract (50 words maximum), describing the content of the presentation and to be used in conference materials
  • Presentation summary (250 words maximum)
    • Summarizing the content of the proposed presentation
    • Describing anticipated outcomes of the session
    • Discussing the major ideas related to the strand(s) that will be addressed
    • Sharing your plans for engaging the audience
  • An indication of whether or not this work has been published