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    View faculty members and their research interests.

    Emeritus Faculty & Academic Staff

    LaVerne Buldhaupt 1961-1996 Parasitology, Vertebrate Zoology Deceased
    Robert Burns 1968-1998 Microbiology Retired
    Thomas O. Claflin 1966-2001 Limnology, River Studies Retired
    Jerry Davis
    1968-2002 Plant Biology, General Biology Retired
    Richard A. Fletcher 1968-1994 Endocrinology, Human Anatomy & Physiology Retired
    Richard T. Hartley 1950-1971 Embryology Deceased
    John W. Held 1967-1997 Fisheries Biology, Vertebrate Zoology Retired
    David Howard      1999-2015 Cell Biology Deceased
    Rudy G. Koch 1980-1990 General Biology; Plant Taxonomy Deceased
    Stuart McIlraith 1962-1995 Invertebrate Zoology, Human Biology Deceased
    Rodney C. Mowbray 1972-2006 Developmental Biology, Radiation Biology Retired
    Allen C. Nelson
    1964-1996 Mycology Retired
    Deon Nontelle
    1973-2005 General Biology Retired
    Richard P. Nord 1966-1999 General Biology Retired
    James E. Parry
    1967-1998 Genetics, Vertebrate Zoology Retired
    Ronald G. Rada
    1975-1998 Limnology, River Studies Administration
    Jean C. Ruhser
    1975-2001 General Biology, Ornithology Retired
    Laura A. Schuh 1957-1983 Entomology Deceased
    Grace M. Smith 1971-1996 Medical Technology Retired
    Daniel Sutherland 1994-2006 Parasitology, Organismal Biology Deceased
    Eileen G. Temte 1967-1994 General Biology Retired
    Rob Tyser  1978 - 2015 Ecology and Ornithology Retired
    Larraine M. Unbehaun
    1969-1999 Cell Biology Retired
    James H. Warner 1963-1996 Plant Ecology Deceased
    A. Vincent Weber 1956-1989 Plant Morphology Retired
    Thomas F. Weeks 1970-2001 Cell Biology, Radiation Biology Retired
    Howard F. Young 1955-1984 Ornithology Deceased