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Community Outreach

Business development

Certificate programs

Conferences & workshops

Continuing Education & Extension

Exhibits & performances

Free programs

International programs


Physical fitness programs

Pre-college programs

  • Continuing Education & Extension youth programs
    • Discover youth programs and camps from ACT preparation to Vocal Jazz camps
  • Multicultural Student Services
    • Our programs celebrate the histories and traditions of ethnic families and communities while assisting youth to succeed within their educational institutions
  • Upward Bound
    • Upward Bound helps qualified area high school students find academic success in high school and prepare for success in college
  • Self-Sufficiency Program
    • The purpose of the Self-Sufficiency Program is to extend the availability of higher education to low-income parents by preparing them to be successful college students
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Seniors programs

  • Audit policy
    • Students may audit courses with the consent of the department chair and the instructor offering the course
  • Learning In Retirement
    • LIR is a learning community established to help meet the wide range of interests of the areas growing retired population
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Student newspaper

Testing information

  • Testing information
    • Learn more about admission, advanced placement, career/vocational, certification, civil service, computer based, correspondence, credit by examination, placement, retroactive credit, teaching and testing out exams.

Youth programs