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Q: How do you get started with research on a specific topic?

Subject Guides

A: Use the library Subject Guide that corresponds with your topic.

With hundreds of information databases, tens of thousands of periodicals, hundreds of thousands of books, and a website with many, many choices, it’s good to know that librarians have assembled the most relevant resources for each major and gathered them together into Subject Guides.


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Library News

Top Five Tips for Summer Research

Discover the best tips for summer study and research!

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Using Murphy Library during summer

Answers to questions about using library resources during holidays and breaks.

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New York Times: All Campus Pass now Available

Thanks to funding by the UWL College of Business Administration, Murphy Library has acquired campus wide access to the New York Times Digital Edition. Known as an “academic pass” all students, faculty, and staff have complete access to all the content of the digital…

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Finals Week Activities: Spring 2016

Focus, study, relax, and even have some fun during finals week at the library with everything from free coffee, to therapy dogs, to guided meditation.

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