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Communication Studies
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Communication Studies

  • Our Mission

    The Department of Communication Studies at UW-L provides students with opportunities to increase their understanding of the communication process and develop communication competencies necessary for their personal and professional endeavors.

    Our department prepares students for communication intensive careers in business, law, politics, social and human services, media, and higher education. 

    Our students, faculty, and staff are committed to quality teaching and learning, scholarly and applied research, creative activities, and service to the university, local community, and beyond. 

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    Study Abroad


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    ▶ UW-L exhibit highlights study tour to India

    Student Spotlight

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    Dr. Kate Lavelle and Dr. Nici Ploeger-Lyons received top paper awards at the Central States Communication Association conference. 

    Dr. Sara Docan-Morgan received the CLS Faculty Recognition of Excellence Award for Teaching and Provost's Teaching Excellence Award.