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  • Coaching Competetive Athletics concentration


    Students within the coaching competitive athletics concentration receive a combination of theoretical and practical education through their course work and practicum experience. This prepares graduates within the concentration for employment in a variety of coaching positions within youth sport organizations, middle schools and high schools.

    The coaching concentration serves a variety of majors, such as Physical Education, Elementary and Secondary Education, ESS-Sport Management, ESS- Fitness, ESS-Pre-Professional, ESS- Athletic Training, Recreation, Therapeutic Recreation, Communications, Business and many others. This variety gives a unique perspective for every student.

    For more information. Please contact the program coordinator:

    Teri Hepler
    Department of Exercise and Sport Science
    139 Mitchell Hall


    1. How do I apply for admission?
      You simply complete a change of major/minor form to add the concentration to your academic plan.

    2. Can courses apply to both my major and the concentration?
      Yes, depending on your major, you will find courses that are required for both your major and the concentration.

    3. Can I substitute BIO 312 & 313 for ESS 205 & 206?
      Yes, you will need to complete a course substitution form to get this change made.

    4. When can I do my ESS 451 'Coaching Practicum'?
      ESS 451 is the culminating experience in the coaching concentration. Prerequisite: completion of requirements in coaching concentration with the exception of ESS 368 and elective credits. Repeatable for credit in different sport(s) - maximum six. Pass/Fail grading. Offered Fall, Spring and by arrangement in the summer.

    5. Can I use a summer coaching experience to complete ESS 451 "Coaching Practicum'?
      Yes, you may register for the course during the fall or spring semester. Be sure meet with the Concentration Director to get approval and receive requirement information prior to beginning the coaching experience.

    6. Where can I do my ESS 451 'Coaching Practicum'?
      The student is responsible for finding and securing their own coaching position. That position MUST be pre-approved by the Coaching Competitive Athletics Concentration Program Director. The position may be either a paid or volunteer position.

    7. What if my ESS 451 'Coaching Practicum' encompasses 2 semesters?
      Students whose season spans two semesters must schedule a "progressive" interview before the end of the semester. The purpose is to review and discuss your coaching assignment to make certain you are on track. Students whose experience overlaps semesters will receive an "INCOMPLETE" grade for the semester. The grade will be changed at the successful completion of the exit interview following completion of the season.

    8. What if I am coaching a spring sport that extends beyond the semester?
      You are expected to fulfill the duties of the coaching experience from start to finish so you will need to plan to be available to complete your responsibilities. Those whose season extends past the UW-La Crosse grade reporting period must make arrangements to have a "progressive" interview to ensure you are on track and to make arrangements for the exit interview. If the exit interview takes place after grades are due to the records office, the student will receive an INCOMPLETE until such time as the full requirements have been completed.

    9. I coached a team last year, can I just use that for my ESS 451?
      NO! The experience is not retroactive. Course requirements such as logs, reflections, and video must be done as you progress through the coaching experience.

    10. Should I take ESS 451 for 2 or 3 credits?
      A total of 24 credits is required for completion of the concentration so be sure to add up your credits taken and take ESS 451 for the number of credits you need to get to 24, i.e. if you take ESS 100 Strength Training and not ESS 386 to fulfill required course work you will probably need the 3 credit option to achieve the desired total.

    11. Will I be certified through WI. DPI?
      No, the concentration does not currently meet the requirements for certification.