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    Get rewarded for coming to our Spring Events for 2015!

     What are our incentives?

    Each time you come to an It Make$ Cents! event you are awarded incentive points! What does this mean? That means you can win anywhere from a $20 gift card to Starbucks to a $250 Visa gift card! 

    It pays to come to our events! The list below breaks down all our incredible prizes.

    38-43 pts. = placed in a raffle for $250 VISA gift card (1 winner)

    30-37 pts. = placed in a raggle for $75 gift card (1 winner)

    22-29 pts = placed in a raffle for $35 Olive Garden gift card (2 winners)

    16-21 pts = placed in a raffle for 2 FREE Marcus movie tickets and $ Marcus gift card for snacks (2 winners)

    9-15 pts = placed in a raffle for a $20 gift card to Starbucks or Moka House Coffee (3 winners)

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    Geocache poster 4.23.15

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    Life After College Loan Repayment spring 2015

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    Money Couple
    Interesting Facts 

    If the money you spend in four years at a public college was a stack of pennies, it could reach more than 8.5 miles high, higher than most airplanes fly.

     84% of college students have a credit card.  50% of them have 4 or more.

    The average total debt for the Class of 2013 is $35,200.

    There will be approximately $1,200,000,000,000 in circulation in 2013.

    $67,000,000,000 in student loans were in default in 2011.


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