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    Welcome, New Faculty Members

    Sherry Fontaine, Ph.D., is teaching in the Health Care Management area as well as Organizational Behavior. Dr. Fontaine has held teaching and academic leadership positions in health care and nonprofit management. Most recently she was an Associate Professor and Program Director in health care administration at the Creighton University School of Medicine. Dr. Fontaine earned her Ph.D. and Master of Regional Planning from Cornell University, and was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the London Business School.

    Ana Elisa Iglesias, Ph.D., is teaching Business Policy & Strategy. Previously, she was an Assistant Professor of Management at Tulane University where she taught at undergraduate, MBA, and Ph.D. levels. Dr. Iglesias has received multiple awards for her research and teaching.  A strong advocate for international education and experiential learning, Dr. Iglesias was one of only 24 out of 3,000 instructors to be inducted into the Business Strategy Game ‘Hall of Fame’ as a Master Professor. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Georgia State University and an MBA from Mackenzie University, Brazil. Before joining academia, she enjoyed a successful IT and consulting career that included leadership roles in multinational firms such as Dresdner Bank.

    Scott Reber, M.A., is teaching Business Communication.  He earned his Master’s Degree in English from Winona State University. In addition to 15 years experience teaching communications-related courses, he directed the Writing Across the Curriculum at Viterbo University.  He has worked in Japan, the UK, and Mexico and has business experience in a variety of sectors including technical, government, and the airline industry.

    Samantha Samreth, Ph.D. is teaching Global Responsibility of Business and Organizational Behavior. She earned a Master’s Degree from UW-Whitewater, where she also taught. She completed a Ph.D. in Leadership. At UW-Whitewater she also served as Coordinator and instructor for the Short-Term Study/Travel Courses, and was Director of the Academic Network within the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Student Success. Prior to working in academia, she was a manager in the retail industry.

    Jose’ (Joe) Iglesias, M.B.A., is teaching Principles & History of Management Thought, and Crisis & Contingency Management. He earned an MBA from MacKenzie Presbyterian University, Sao Paulo, Brazil and is working on a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Florida. He taught
    management courses at Ibirapuera University and UNIABC University (both in Brazil). He also worked for many years as a business consultant and he served as the Chief Strategy Officer for Carbinox S.A, manufacturer of industrial stainless steel products. 


    Please join us in welcoming these new faculty members to the Department of Management in the College of Business Administration! 


    Engagement with the Business Community


    A vital part of many students' education is learning from business leaders and management professionals.  The following is a brief listing of some of the business professionals who spoke to Management classes [either in person or via video conference] in recent years.  For a complete listing visit :


    Mr. Keith Butler: La Crosse County Emergency Coordinator spoke on “Coordinating Regional Response to Crises” to Alan Macpherson’s Crisis & Contingency Management class (MGT 400).

    Mr. Kurt Bear, Mid City Steel, La Crosse, guest lectured in Gail Gillis' Total Quality Management classes, (MGT 398).

    Shirley Weis, Emeritus VP and Chief Administrative Officer, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, addressed Jon Ying’s Global Responsibility of Business class (MGT 408).

    Michael Santoro, Executive Producer & Founder, San Francisco [California] World Music Festival, spoke to Jon Ying’s Global Responsibility of Business class (MGT 408).

    Mike McGinely, Ph.D., President, Biologicals & Pharmaceuticals, Heska Pharmaceuticals, Ft. Collins, Colorado, spoke to College of Business students.

    Dennis Vogel, President & CEO, Citizens State Bank, La Crosse, spoke on “Financing your business,” to Kelly Nowicki’s Entrepreneurship class (MGT 400).

    Brandon Prinson, Attorney with Johns, Flaherty, & Collins law firm, La Crosse, spoke on “Setting up your business…legal considerations,” to Kelly Nowicki’s Entrepreneurship class (MGT 400).

    Linda Kastentin, HR Consultant, La Crosse, spoke on “Recruiting and hiring for your business,” to Kelly Nowicki’s Entrepreneurship class (MGT 400).

    Mark Clements, Volunteer Chaplain, City of La Crosse Police Dept., and FBI Chaplain, La Crosse, spoke on "Chaplains in the Workplace" to William Ross' Current Topics in Human Resource Management MBA class (MGT 740). 

    Harvey White, CEO and Chairman of Leap Wireless International, San Diego, California, and co-founder of QUALCOMM, spoke on the topic of  “Entrepreneurship” in Charley Swayne’s Organizational Behavior class (MGT 308).

    Don Weber, CEO and founder of Logistics Health Inc., La Crosse, WI.  This Wisconsin Entrepreneur of the Year spoke on the topic of “Corporate culture” in Charley Swayne’s Organizational Behavior class (MGT 308).  He also spoke on "Starting Seven Businesses" in Barb Larsen's Introduction to Business class (MGT 100).

    Chris Goodell, General Manager, La Crosse Loggers (baseball team), spoke on the topic of   “Applying business principles to the sports industry” to Charley Swayne’s Organizational Behavior class (MGT 308).

    Craig Porter, CEO PlastiCert, Lewiston, MN, discussed "Managing in manufacturing"  in Barb Larsen's "Introduction to Business" class (MGT 100).

    Dave Skogen, Festival Foods, Onalaska, WI, spoke to Barb Larsen’s "Introduction to Business" class (MGT 100) on the topic, “Operating a family business.”

    Sarah Fortune, Attorney, Hale Skemp, Hanson, Skemp, & Sleik Law Firm, La Crosse, discussed “Careers for Female Attorneys” in Barb Larsen’s "Introduction to Business" class (MGT 100).

    Jon Ying’s “Business, Labor, & Human Rights” (MGT 431) course hosted a panel discussion on “Justice for Immigrant Victims of Sexual Assault and Harassment in the Agricultural and Service Industries,” Dec., 11, 2013, (repeated April 23, 2014) and featured the following speakers:.    

    (a). Sonia Parras Konrad, JD, ASISTA, Des Moines, Iowa. 12/11/13.
    (b). William R. Tamayo, JD, Regional Attorney, United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, San Francisco District Office. 12/11/13.

    Research News

    For other research, click on the "Research" tab (to the left).


    Journal Articles  (2014-2016)

    Privitera, G., Brown, C., Gillespie, James. (in press). Emolabeling effectively reduces the influence of ambiguous labeling on food packages among grocery store shoppers. To appear in Global Journal of Health Science, 7 (4), 12-17. 

    Gullekson, N. L., Griffeth, R. W., Vancouver, J. B., Kovner, C., Cohen, D. (Accepted). Vouching for Childcare Assistance with Two Quasi-Experimental Studies. Journal of Managerial Psychology.

    Secchi, D., & Gullekson, Nicole (in press). Individual and organizational conditions for the emergence and evolution of bandwagon", Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory

    Kiersch, Christa, Byrne, Z. S. (2015). Is being authentic being fair? Multi-level examination of authentic leadership, justice, and employee outcomes. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 22 (3), 292-303.

    Hansen, A., Byrne, Z. S., & Kiersch, C. E. (In press). Interpersonal leadership and organizational identification's relation to employee engagement. Journal of Managerial Psychology. 

    Stapleton, Andrew,  Pande, V., & O’Brien, D. (in press). “EXW, FOB or FCA: Choosing the Right Incoterm and Why it Matters to Maritime Shippers,”  Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics, & Policy.

    Stapleton, Andrew,  Pande, V., Ghosh, S. & Damali, U. (in press)  “Refining Shippers’ Dyadic Cost, Risk, and Delivery Responsibilities: The Principal Changes to INCOTERMS and a Transaction Cost Focus for the Future,” Journal of Transportation Management.

    Stapleton, Andrew, Pande, V., & O’Brien, D. (2014).  Reconciling Practice, Policy, and Law between Maritime Shipping and International Banking. American Shipper, 55 (11).  

    Jayawarna, D., Rouse, J., Macpherson, Allan. (in press). Life Course Pathways to Business Start-Up. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.

    Jayawarna, D., Jones, O., Macpherson, Allan. (in press). Entrepreneurial Potential: the Role of Human and Cultural Capital. International Small Business Journal.

    Petersen, Henry, Lemke, F. (2015). Mitigating Reputational Risks from Supply Chains. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 20 (5), 495-510.

    Ran, Weina, & Yamamoto, M. (in press). Attitudinal ambivalence as a protective factor against junk food advertisements: A moderated mediation model of behavioral intention. Journal of Health Communication. 

    Yamamoto, M., & Ran, Weina. (in press). Is television an agent of the status quo? Revisiting the cultivation of gender roles in Japan. Mass Communication & Society.

    David, P., Kim, J. H., Brickman, J. S., Ran, Weina, & Curtis, C. M. (in press). Mobile phone interference with life: Texting and social media interruption during studying. New Media and Society.

    Austin, E. W., Pinkleton, B. E., Radanielina-Hita, M. L., & Ran, Weina. (in press). The role of parents' critical thinking about media in shaping expectancies, efficacy and nutrition behaviors for families. Health Communication.

    Hust, S. J. T., Marett, E., Lei, M., Ren, C., & Ran, Weina. (in press). Law & Order, CSI, and NCIS: The association between exposure to crime drama franchises, rape myth acceptance and sexual consent negotiation behaviors among college students. Journal of Health Communication.

    Vancouver, J. B., Gullekson, Nicole L., Morse, B. J., & Warren, M. A. (in press). Manipulating self-efficacy to affect performance negatively at the between-person level. Human Performance.

    Gullekson, Nicole L., Griffeth, R. W., Vancouver, J. B., Kovner, C, & Cohen. (in press). Interventions to reduce employee turnover: Vouching for childcare assistance with two quasi-experimental studies. Journal of Managerial Psychology.

    Newman, E., & Ross, William (in press, Fall, 2014).  Using Mobile Devices for Employment Testing.  Employment Relations Today.

    Müller-Seitz, G., Macpherson, Allan. (In press). Learning during Crisis as a 'War for Meaning': The Case of the German E. coli Outbreak in 2011. Management Learning, 44 (3). doi: doi:10.1177/1350507612473562.  Available online at:


    Books  (2013-2016)

    Jones, O. Macpherson, A. and Jayawarna, D. (2013) Resourcing the Start-up Business. Masters in Entrepreneurship Series, Routledge, Abingdon.



    Book Chapters & Encyclopedia Entries (2014-2016)

    Ross, William, Newman, E., & Chen, J. V. (in press).  “Human Resource Recruiting and Selection Using Cellphone Apps.” In Z. Yan (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Mobile Phone Behavior, Vol. 2, in press.  Hershey, PA: IGI Global. 



    Stapleton, Andrew (in press).  Chapter on INCOTERMS 2010 (Ch. 11). In Operation  Management Sustainability and SCM with MyOMLab. 12 ed.  Pearson, NY:  Heizer Render. 

    Jones, O., Macpherson, Allan. (2014). “Research Perspectives on Learning in Small Firms.” In Chell, E., Karatas-Ozkan, M. (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Small Business and Entrepreneurship (pp. 289-312). Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishers. 


    Conference Papers (2014-2016)

    Shabana, Kareem.  (2014, August). “The impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting on corporate social performance (CSP):  Does CSR reporting improve CSP?”  This paper appeared as part of a symposium at the National Academy of Management Convention entitled, “The power of corporate documents:  Exploring the impact of information disclosed by organizations,” Philadelphia, Penn.

    Kraemer, Justin. (2014, August).  "Building Intercultural Benevolence: Cultural Strategies and Their Receptivity."  National Academy of Management Convention, Philadelphia, Penn.

    Gillespie, James J. (2014, June).  Diversity, inclusion, and the life sciences.  Panelist at the 4th annual meeting of the Center for Healthcare Innovation’s Diversity & Inclusion Symposium, Chicago, IL.

    Panzone, L., Petersen, Henry L.,  & Lemke, F. (Sept. 10, 2014).  “The role of reputation in consumer assessment of socially irresponsible behavior in food chains:  Lessons for customer management.” International Colloquium on Relationship Marketing.  Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

    Macpherson, Allan, Kiersch, Christa, & Antonacopoulou, E. (June 7, 2014). "Engaging and Identifying with Communities of Practice: A Multi-Level Model of Opportunities to Practice", European Academy of Management, Valencia. 

    Jayawarna, D., Jones, O., Macpherson, Allan. (September 10, 2014). "Team-Founded Entrepreneurial Ventures: Long term performance implications of family involvement in founder teams", British Academy of Management, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    Stapleton, Andrew. (2014, May).  “Optimizing shipper contracting: the correct usage of Incoterms for containerized/intermodal freight,” Production Operations Management Society (POMS) Annual Conference Proceedings, Vol. 25.  Presented and published in May 2014.

    Stapleton, Andrew & Damali, U. (2014, Nov.). “Lean Services: A Proposed New Model,”  Decision Sciences Institute Conference Proceedings 2014.  Tampa, FL.

    Reinsch, R., Ross, William, & Heitapelto, A. (2014, Sept.). “Employer’s Use of Social Media in Employment Decisions:  Risk of Discrimination Lawsuits.”  The Academic Forum conference,  Milwaukee, WI.


    Awards, Service, and Development Activities


    Congratulations to Morgan Zimmerman, the "Lora Greene Scholarship Winner!"  Morgan is a Senior, studying Business Management and Health Information Systems Management.  After graduating in May, 2016, she hopes to pursue a career in Human Resource Management or in Hospital Administration.  

    Nicole Gullekson has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor.  Congratulations!  Additionally, she was given the Burt and Norma Altman Award for Leadership at the UWL International Student Banquet on Friday, April 10, 2015.  

    Kelly Nowicki has been elected President of the UWL Alumni Association.  She also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the UWL Foundation.  She and her fellow board members are working to engage the larger UWL community and encourage participation in the University's current scholarship campaign. 

    Gail Gillis attended two seminars, June, 2014.  One was called "Engineering Law" and the other was called "Advanced Statistical Training.”

    Allan Macpherson participated in a professional development workshop at the National Convention of the Academy of Management, August, 2014.  The workshop was designed for early career researchers and was entitled, “Finding the Words:  Addressing [Journal] Reviewers’ Comments.”

    Nicole Gullekson has been selected to be the Director for the undergraduate International Business Major.  

    Andrew Stapleton is selected as the Onalaska representative for the Joint Municipality Commission for the Seven Rivers Region.  

    Christa Kiersch is on the advisory board for the Eagle Leadership Certificate Program. This is a student leadership development program under the auspices of the Leadership & Involvement Center on the UWL campus.