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  • Welcome

    The Department of Microbiology at UW-La Crosse is a University of Wisconsin Center of Excellence! 

     We are the only independent microbiology department among the UW comprehensive universities. We offer four different curricular tracks in the undergraduate microbiology major, and two Master of Science (M.S.) concentrations. The Clinical Laboratory Science major is also housed in our department, and provides outstanding employment opportunities using the skills of microbiology and chemistry to make clinical diagnoses.
    Upcoming Events

     Andrew Mehle, Ph.D.

      February 27, 2015 at 2:15 pm, 1400 Centennial Hall

    We prepare you for jobs in:
    • Food production/fermentation industries 
    • Food, dairy and water testing companies 
    • Hospital and Public health labs
    • Waste and wastewater treatment
    • Biotechnology companies
    • Medical diagnostic companies
    • Large pharmaceutical companies
    • Chemical companies 
    • Cosmetic companies
    • Research laboratories 
    • Environmental testing laboratories
    • Bioremediation companies
    • Forensics labs
    • Quality assurance in many industries
    • Technical writing or sales

    A microbiology major is also excellent preparation for:
    • Medical school
    • Veterinary school
    • Pharmacy school
    • Dental school
    • Graduate school in the biological sciences
    • Law school (patent/ technology transfer law)
    • Microbiology - it grows on you
    • Role of infinitely small is infinitely great
    • Let bacteria light up your world!
    Spotlight news

    Welcome to the newest member of the Microbiology Department! 

    Dr.  Xinhui Li is the new Food and Industrial Microbiology professor.  Stop by his office (3011 Cowley) and say "hi".