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    Confused about chemistry? Not sure where to begin? Come to the learning center and talk to one of our chemistry tutors! Tutors are available for General Chemistry (103/104), Analytical Chemistry (301), Organic Chemistry (250/300/303/304/305), and Biochemistry (250/325). Tutors in the learning center can help you learn to start (and finish!) chemistry problems by refining your understanding of chemistry concepts and guiding you through example problems.

     Chemistry students

    Summer Hours 2014:


    General Chemistry:

    M-Thu 1-2pm


    Organic chemistry:

    M-Th 1-3pm


    Analytical chemistry:

    M-Th 2-3pm



    General Chemistry Tutor Schedule Spring 2014

    Organic Analytical Chem Tutor Schedule Spring 2014

    The purpose of the Murphy Learning Center is to provide tutoring in the listed disciplines at no cost.  All students can come to the Learning Center any of the hours listed.  Please note that not all tutors can assist with all courses.

    Chemistry tutors are supervised by the Chemistry Tutor Coordinator, Dr Yevgeniya Turov. Specific questions about chemistry tutors can be directed to