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  • Choirs

    UWL offers the following outstanding choral ensembles:

    Concert Choir

    • 55- 60 member mixed choir
    • premiere choir at UWL
    • extensive auditions in Fall
    • a majority of upperclassmen
    • 15th - 21st century repertoire
    • rehearses four days per week
    • June 2015 choir tour to California
    • conducted by  Dr. Gary Kent Walth
    • 2015 Audition Info and Materials: Concert Choir 15 Information, PLEASE NOTE AUDITION TIME CHANGE: The Sunday, 9/6 audition times have been changed to 1-5 PM and 6-9 PM. The Sunday 10 AM -12 noon audition times are no longer available!  Auditions will still be held in room CFA323.   CC15 Audition Musicks EmpireCC15 Audition Chariots

    Vocal Jazz Ensemble I (Collegiates)                                                     

    Vocal Jazz Ensemble II (Maroon and Gray)

    Vocal Jazz Ensemble III (La Capella)


    • 25-30 member male chorus
    • freshmen-senior membership
    • auditions for section placement
    • 2-3 concerts per semester
    • all-inclusive literature
    • rehearses 2.5 hours per week
    • conducted by Ms. Janette Hanson

    Women's Chorus

    • 45 member female chorus
    • Freshmen-senior membership
    • Auditions for section placement
    • 3-5 concerts per semester
    • outstanding treble literature
    • regional spring tours
    • conducted by Ms. Janette Hanson

    Choral Union

    • 90-110 member symphony chorus
    • student / community membership
    • Voice Previews in the Fall
    • 1 concert per semester
    • Monday evening rehearsal
    • major works often programmed
    • conducted by Dr. Gary Kent Walth
    • Choral Union's 2nd Annual Voice Preview Night (2015) will be held on Monday, August 31st between 7 and 9 PM. Singers seeking membership in the chorus will be asked to sing their voice part from "And the Glory of the Lord," chorus #4, GF Handel's MESSIAH. For more information, contact Dr. Gary Walth at

    Chamber Choir

    • 10-12 member madrigal ensemble
    • largely vocal / choral majors
    • auditions as needed
    • 1-2 concerts per semester
    • 14th-17th century literature
    • diverse performance experiences
    • conducted by Terence Kelly

    "Music is a gift to open up our lives. Once a life is opened, regardless of the length of time, the potential for change will never be the same."

    Choral Music Faculty:

    Dr. Terence Kelly

    Coordinator of vocal studies, B.M. and M.M., Eastern Illinois University; D.M.A. University of Maryland

    Dr. Soojin Kim

    Music Education, voice, B.M. and M.M. in music education, Korea National University of Education and Ph. D. in music education, University of Southern Mississippi

    Ms. Janette Hanson

    Choral Music B.M.E. Central Missouri State University,  M.E.P.D. University Of Wisconsin - La Crosse    

    Ms. Kathryn Skemp-Moran

    Choral music, voice B.M. (music) Northwestern University; M.A. (voice performance/opera) Boston University

    Dr. Gary Kent Walth

    Director of Choral Studies, Conducting. B.M. (music education/voice) Concordia College, Moorhead, MN; M.M and D.M.A. (choral conducting) University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music.

    What students have to say about the UWL Choral/Vocal Music Program

    "Choir is great! You get to meet people from many different academic areas on campus who come together to make beautiful music." -Sarah Jothen, Cashton, WI

    "Being a part of the choral program at UWL has given me many opportunities to grow as a musician and as a leader in my chosen field of choral education." -Wanda Miller, Lake City, MN

    "The choral program at UWL is a great experience! For those singer who aren't music majors or minors, it's a great way to meet friends and be a part of a unified team." -Matt Jorgenson, Onalaska, WI

    "It is a wonderful experience to be around other students, and great directors, who value music so much." -Jessica Bari, Brooklyn Park, MN

    "A truly rewarding and fantastic experience for all." -Alastair Kelly, Leicester, England

    "The UWL choral program has a place for everyone, from serious musicians to those who just enjoy singing." -Amy Becker, Faribault, MN

    "I have become a better musician and person because of my experiences in the choirs at UWL." -John Penza, Watertown, WI

    For more information contact:

    Dr. Gary K. Walth
    Director of Choral Activities 
    Department of Music 
    UW-La Crosse 
    1725 State Street 
    La Crosse, WI 54601