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  • Parking regulations

    Permits are required for all visitors, students, faculty, and staff. Parking and Transportation Services is self-funded and does not receive money from the university. As such, revenue is derived from permit sales and citations.

    About 2,900 spaces exist on a campus that regularly hosts 10,000 people -- a diverse mix of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Distribution of spaces is handled with parking permits, and pay stations. The significant parking demands on campus mean that purchase of a permit does not always guarantee a space. Parking and Transportation Services makes every effort to provide a variety of parking options to everyone. 


    General Rules Permit Policies
    Citations Appeals
    Resident Lots Commuter Lots
    Motorcycle, Moped Parking Bicycle Parking
    Emeritus Parking Accessible Parking
    Summer Parking Special Event Parking
    Misuse of Parking Services Parking Two or More Vehicles
    Contractors Snow
    Disabled, Abandoned Vehicles Rental, Loaner Car Parking
    Fleet Vehicle Parking Parking Ramp
    Lot Availability  

    General Rules

    All motorists who wish to park vehicles in campus lots must purchase a permit or pay at a meter or pay station. Parking is not free anywhere on campus. Permits may be purchased for the year, semester, day, half day, or for overnight use. Permits are available at the office or online. Pay stations and meters are available for short-term parking. Special event permits are also available at the office.

    Parking is permitted only in designated areas in accordance with all posted signs. Each parking lot is marked by a sign which designates allowable parking. Cars must park properly in marked stalls.

    Parking is prohibited in the following areas: Yellow and white curb zones, no parking areas, bus zones, crosswalks, driveways, sidewalks, in front of fire hydrants and dumpsters, or other areas, as designated. Parking is also prohibited in and on unmarked roadways and other unmarked areas. The absence of No Parking signs does not mean parking is allowed.

    The circle in front of Cartwright Center must be kept open for emergency vehicles. Vehicles parking in this area will be ticketed. Flashers are for emergency use only and may not be used for loading and unloading in No Parking zones. Short-term, yellow meters are available nearby to unload supplies and equipment.

    Allocate enough time to find a space. If your assigned lot is full, stop by Parking and Transportation Services to obtain a temporary permit for another lot. Valid permit holders will not be charged an extra fee. Do not park in a pay station or metered space without paying. Possession of a permit is not a valid excuse to park at a pay station or meter without paying it unless authorized by Parking and Transportation Services.

    The university is not responsible for the care and protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time it is operated or parked on university property, nor is the university responsible for damages to any vehicle operated or parked on campus.

    Citations are issued to the registered owner of a vehicle, even if the vehicle is driven by someone else. A citation is not excused because another person drove the vehicle or the registered owner was unaware that a citation was issued. Correspondence regarding citations, including overdue notices and rulings by the Parking Appeals Board, is sent to the registered owner. 

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    Permit Policies

    Annual, Semester Permit Sales

    Annual and semester parking permits are initially sold online. Online sales stop shortly before the academic year begins. Permits are then sold in the office on a first-come, first-served basis. 

    Anyone who purchases a permit agrees to abide by UWL parking regulations. 

    • Faculty/Staff: Online purchase mid-April.
    • Commuter Student: Online purchase mid-July.
    • Resident Hall Student: Online purchase mid-July. Priority for permits is based upon credits earned, starting with seniors.

    Visitor, Temporary Permit Sales

    Visitors, students, faculty, and staff may purchase temporary permits online or at Parking and Transportation Services. Full, half day, and limited overnight parking permits are offered. Pay stations and parking meters are also available. Pay stations accept multiple forms of payment (credit card, cash, or coin) and include an online option. Limited overnight parking is available at pay station spaces after 7 p.m. Do not park at a pay station or meter without paying it.

    Placement of Permit

    Hang tag permits must be attached to the rear-view mirror. Parking ramp decals must be placed on the left rear window, per the attached instructions. Vehicles with improperly displayed permits may be issued citations.

    Transfer of Permits

    Parking permits are not transferable for any reason.

    Lost or Stolen Permits

    Report lost or stolen permits to Parking and Transportation Services. Incidents are handled on a case-by-case basis. The permit holder may be required to pay a replacement fee or the cost for a new permit.


    Return the permit to Parking and Transportation Services. A prorated refund will be authorized if the permit is returned within the refund schedule set by the UWL Cashier's Office. Failure to return the permit makes the owner responsible for the total permit fee.

    Any person who falsifies or makes false representation of vehicle information, facts, or fees, shall have his/her university parking privileges revoked at the discretion of Parking and Transportation Services and will be subject to published fines and penalties. See UWS Chapter 18.

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    Citations must be paid or appealed within 10 calendar days from the date of issuance. The fine doubles after 10 days and a letter is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. Failure to pay or request information within 15 days from the date of the first notice results in a second notification. Continued failure to pay within 15 days of the second notice results in suspension of the vehicle registration through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. An additional $5 charge, per ticket, is added to the citation after the registration is suspended.

    Permit Improperly Displayed $5
    No Parking Zone $25
    Unauthorized Area ("C" lot) $25
    Unauthorized Area ("R" lot) $35
    Expired Pay Station, Meter $25
    Failed Pay Station, Meter $10
    Improper Parking     $10
    All night in a commuter lot $25
    Hall Director (Reserved) Space $25
    Blocking a Driveway $25
    Driving on sidewalk/mall $20-$80
    UWS Chapter 18 Street Violation $50
    Handicap Space $150
    Parking in a Fire Lane $150
    Blocking an Exit Door $150
    Misuse of Parking (UWS Ch. 18) $295

    Failure to pay past due fines of $10 or more may result in towing of a vehicle. Responsibility for towing costs and the unpaid fine rest with the vehicle owner. Vehicles with no license plates or obscured vehicle identification numbers are subject to ticketing and towing.

    Students with unpaid fines lose university class registration rights and have transcripts held. They may also be referred to small claims court or a collection agency. Employees and visitors may be referred to small claims court or a collection agency. An additional fee is levied for court and/or administrative costs plus unpaid violations. Parking and Transportation Services, in conjunction with the UWL Parking Appeals Board, reserves the right to revoke the parking rights of habitual violators.

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    Appeals must be filed within 10 calendar days of the date of the citation to Parking and Transportation Services. Appeals submitted after 10 days of a citation will not be considered. Parking appeal forms are available online or at the Parking and Transportation Services office.

    The UWL Parking Appeals Board reviews appeals from individuals who challenge citations. No additional penalties are imposed while an appeal is pending. The registered owner is notified, in writing, of the decision. All decisions are final.

    Appeals should only address the parking-related circumstances, conditions, where the vehicle was parked, and when the citation was issued. Appeals must provide substantial evidence that the violation in question did not occur or was due to unavoidable circumstances.

    Any citation may be appealed. However, the following circumstances are not valid for an appeal and will not be accepted:

    • Lack of available parking spaces
    • Lack of convenient parking spaces
    • Parking at a failed pay station or meter
    • Lack of funds to pay a citation
    • Parking for only a short period of time
    • Time constraints (late for a meeting/class, class/meeting ran long)
    • Not seeing/reading signs
    • Failure to display a permit
    • Failure to display a handicapped permit

    Ignorance of university parking regulations is not a valid basis for an appeal for students, faculty, and staff. Purchase of a permit is an acknowledgement that you understand and agree to abide by UWL parking policies.

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    Resident Lots

    Residence hall lots provide permit parking only to resident students and designated staff. Permit holders must park in their assigned lot. Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Parking without a designated residence hall permit is not allowed in any resident lot, even when the university is not in session, unless prior arrangements are made with Parking and Transportation Services. 

    Guests are required to obtain visitor permits and may not park in resident lots. Limited overnight parking is offered in commuter lots based on availability.

    R-1 West of Angell Hall
    (Angell, Hutchison, Wentz)
    R-2 West of Whitney Center (Coate, Angell)
    R-4 East of Reuter Hall (Reuter, Laux)
    and  South of White Hall (White, Sanford, Laux)
    R-5  East of Eagle Hall
    (Eagle, Drake, Wentz)
    R-8 Oakland and Farwell Street
    (Coate, Eagle, Angell, Hutchinson, Drake)

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    Commuter Lots

    Commuter lots are available for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Rules are enforced from 7 a.m.-7 p.m., Monday-Friday. Parking in commuter lots is prohibited from 2 a.m.-7 a.m., seven days a week. Limited overnight parking is available from Parking and Transportation Services or online.

    Special events on campus (including weekends) may require a parking permit. 

    Parking regulations remain in effect when the university is not in session. Long-term, gray parking meters are enforced from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. weekdays only. The express, yellow meters are enforced as indicated by the sign posted at the meter.

    C-1 South of Graff Main Hall
    C-2 Southwest of Stadium
    C-3 North of Cowley Hall
    C-5 North of Physical Plant
    C-6 East of W. Carl Wimberly Hall
    C-7 North of Recreational Eagle Center
    C-8 East of Mitchell Hall
    C-9 South of Mitchell Hall
    C-10 South of Center for the Arts
    C-12 South of Alumni Center
    C-14 North of Health Science Center

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    Motorcycle, Moped Parking

    Motorcycles and mopeds require permits and may park only in designated areas as identified on the campus map. Motorcycles and mopeds may not park on lawns, sidewalks, or other areas that are not otherwise designated, including bicycle racks.

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    Bicycle Parking

    Bicycles must be parked in designated racks. Bicycles may not be parked in university buildings, on sidewalks, driveways, in motor vehicle parking spaces, in building entries, or any place that obstructs free passage of pedestrians or vehicles. Bicycles may not park or be locked to trees or ramps used by wheelchairs. Locks may be cut and bicycles impounded for violations.

    La Crosse city ordinance requires that all bicycles within the city are registered with the City of La Crosse Police Department. Bicycles can be registered at La Crosse City Hall, 400 La Crosse St. Registration is $2. The registration is good for as long as the owner has the bicycle. Bicycles may also be registered in the National Bike Registry. Forms are available at Parking and Transportation Services.

    Report lost or stolen bicycles to Police Services.

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    Emeritus Parking

    Emeritus parking permits are available to retired UWL faculty. Only the retired faculty member is allowed to use the permit. Emeritus parking permits are not available to retired faculty who return to work in a permanent part-time position. Permits expire each year and must be picked up at Parking and Transportation Services.

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    Accessible Parking

    Accessible parking spaces are solely for the use of persons with disabilities. Spaces are conveniently located in UWL parking lots. Vehicles with properly displayed and valid disabled parking permits or license plates are required to purchase a UWL campus parking permit.

    Students, faculty, and staff with disabilities who wish to park on campus may purchase annual permits. Permits are valid for the lot selected, and customers may park in any marked accessible space or regular space in their assigned lot. If they cannot find a space, persons with disabilities may park in designated accessible spaces in other lots with a valid disabled permit and UWL permit displayed. 

    The state-issued disabled permit must be displayed on the rear view mirror of the vehicle, or a valid disabled license plate must be visible. The UWL permit should also be displayed on the rear view mirror as long as it does not obstruct the disabled permit. The UWL permit may, alternately, be displayed on the dashboard above the window’s tint line.

    Parking at pay stations or meters is not authorized unless they are paid. Visitors may purchase hourly parking at pay stations or purchase a temporary permit at the office. Permits may be purchased online or by using the Passport Parking app

    Students, faculty, or staff who require temporary accessible parking should contact their physician to determine eligibility for a disabled parking permit. UWL employees should also contact Human Resources. State regulations and forms are available at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

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    Summer Parking

    Purchase of an annual or spring semester permit includes parking in any commuter lot during the summer. Summer parking permits for classes or work are available at Parking and Transportation Services.

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    Special Event Parking

    Group permits can be ordered in advance through Parking and Transportation Services. Advance payment can be made by check, cash, money order, or department transfer. Permits are sent to departments or can be picked up in advance.

    Lot rentals are available for large groups (more than 50). The number of expected guests must be supplied.

    Group permits for functions in which you will have an undetermined, but small number of guests, are also available. These guests may purchase their own passes.

    Special overnight permits are available for groups staying on campus. Special arrangements should be made in advance.

    Event organizers are responsible for ensuring that attendees park in designated lots. Organizers may place signs on campus to direct people to designated lots. These signs may not be attached in any way to existing UWL parking lot signs. Costs to repair damages to parking lot signs will be charged back to the organization.

    Participants who park in campus lots that are not designated for the event may be subject to citations. 

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    Misuse of Parking Services-UWS 18.06(44)

    No person may falsify, alter or duplicate or request the unauthorized falsification, alteration or duplication of any type of university parking permit. No person may knowingly display on a vehicle, or knowingly allow another person to display on a vehicle, a falsified, altered, duplicated, stolen, lost or found parking permit with the intent that such permit be relied upon by university employees or agents as valid in connection with obtaining or using university parking facilities or privileges.

    No person may knowingly provide false information to any university employee or agent with the intent to obtain a valid university parking permit. Serious and intentional misuse of parking services may result in a citation with a possible maximum fine of $277.50.

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    Parking Two or More Vehicles

    Multiple vehicle registration, when the vehicles are owned by the same person or family, is permitted. Only one vehicle may be in the designated lot at a time. If more than one car is in the lot at the same time, a permit is required for the second vehicle in the lot. Standard university parking rates apply for additional permits.

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    Temporary parking areas for contractors and their employees may be established during construction projects. All other vehicles parked in these areas will be cited. Contractors must register their vehicles with Parking and Transportation Services and obtain temporary permits.

    Contractors visiting campus for the day may purchase a half or full day permit at Parking and Transportation Services. Monthly and yearly rates are available. Contractors may park, with a valid UWL permit, in any lot. Contractors are not authorized to park at metered or pay station spaces without approval. Marked vehicles may park in UWL Facilities spaces with a valid university permit.

    Parking is prohibited on sidewalks and in front of buildings where parking spaces are not designated. Limited, short-term parking is availble for contractors who need access to vehicles to load or unload equipment and who have valid reason to park near buildings. Such parking requires approval from Parking and Transportation Services in advance. Failure to make arrangements may result in a citation.

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    The university works to keep parking lots free of snow, but piles are inevitable at various times of the year. Contact Parking and Transportation Services for alternate parking due to excess snow.

    Resident students are notified by email if vehicles must be moved to plow lots. Vehicles not moved are subject to tickets or may be towed at the owner's expense.

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    Disabled and Abandoned Vehicles

    Contact Parking and Transportation Services to provide the vehicle's location, make, model, color, and license number. The vehicle will receive a temporary permit for 24 hours. Vehicles parked longer than 24 hours may be towed at the owner's expense.

    Vehicles will be considered abandoned and towed at the owner's expense in the following situations: Vehicles left in a commuter lot or on university land for 24 hours or more, or vehicles left in a residence hall lot without permission for 48 hours or more when the university is not in session.

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    Rental, Loaner Cars

    Valid permit holders can stop by Parking and Transportation Services for a temporary parking permit at no cost. Failure to obtain a temporary permit may result in a citation.

    If you return to campus when the office is closed, call 608.789.9000 and provide the switchboard operator the license number, make, color, and lot in which the unregistered vehicle will be parked. The vehicle will not be cited until noon the following day, allowing the owner to obtain a temporary parking permit.

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    Fleet Vehicle Parking

    Fleet vehicle parking is located on the north side of the Physical Plant facing the building. If you pick up a UWL fleet vehicle, park your personal vehicle in the spot vacated by the fleet vehicle. Do not back into the stall.

    If you are a passenger in a fleet vehicle and require overnight parking for your personal vehicle, prior arrangements must be made with Parking and Transportation Services. If you have a valid university parking permit, a parking space will be provided at no charge. Individuals without a valid permit will be charged the daily, overnight, or weekly rate.

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    Parking Ramp

    The Parking Ramp provides three levels of parking. Levels 1-3 offer covered parking for visitors, commuter students, faculty, and staff. Resident parking is prohibited on levels 1-2. Levels 4-5 are for resident students only. 

    Permits are available for the ramp at the rates listed for visitors, commuters, and residents. Valid decals or hang tags are required. Decals must be placed on the driver's side rear window of a vehicle and are only valid in the ramp. Vehicles must be parked straight into the space. Backing into or driving through spaces is prohibited and will result in a citation for improper parking.

    Pay stations are located in the ramp and offer temporary parking on a hourly, pay-by-space basis. To use the pay stations, remember your space number and enter it at the pay station. Pay stations are not available for resident students. Temporary permits may also be purchased at Parking and Transportation Services.

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    Lot Availability

    Certain parking lots may be full or unavailable due to maintenance or special events, such as sports events, conferences or other activities. UWL permit holders must stop by Parking and Transportation Services to obtain a temporary permit for another lot at no charge if their assigned lot is full. For special events that occur on weekends, commuter permit holders may park in any other commuter lot without another, temporary permit. Parking is not allowed in any resident lot as a result of a special event unless authorized by Parking and Transportation Services.

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