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    Psychology department group photo

    Back Row: Lisa Caya, Ryan McKelley, Betty DeBoer, Alex O’Brien, Rob Dixon, Ale Quartiroli
    Third Row: Melanie Cary, Erica Srinivasan, Teresa Znidarsich, Betsy Morgan, Bart Van Voorhis, V. Suthakaran, Marc Kayson
    Second Row: Casey Tobin, Kathy Elgin, Emily Johnson, Mary Jo Snow, Bianca Basten, Ellen Rozek
    Front Row: Sheri Craig, Joci Newton, Katy Kortenkamp, Jessica Sim, Grace Deason, Dan Hyson
    Not Pictured: Tracie Blumentritt, Berna Gerçek-Swing, Jon Marin, Tesia Marshik, Carol Oyster, Jeff Reiland

    The Psychology Department at UWL reflects a strong commitment to undergraduate research opportunities and to the application of psychological principles via volunteer and internship experiences in the community.  

    Our 26+ instructors span the important subdisciplines of psychology such as clinical/counseling, cognitive, cross-cultural, developmental, educational, experimental, school, and social psychology. Approximately 30%+ of our undergraduates attend graduate school most often to obtain master's degrees in applied fields such as school psychology, social work, guidance counseling, occupational, and physical therapy. Currently, psychology serves 700+ majors, 350+ minors, and many students from other programs.Cool psy sign

    Our School Psychology (EdS) graduate program is accredited and boasts a 100% placement rate.