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  • Career options

    Psychology majors have employment rates similar to other strong liberal arts degrees. Psychology majors have the types of skills and dispositions that employers are seeking. The UW-L Psychology Department strongly encourages our majors to visit Career Services, discuss options with advisors, and familiarize themselves with excellent information that is available on the internet. Below we have gathered some preliminary resources to help students get started on their job searches.

    Types of careers

    • FIELDS OF PSYCHOLOGY A complete listing of psychology fields and specific information regarding these fields.
    • JOB DESCRIPTIONS Dr. Drew Appleby from IUPUI has collected a list of links to occupations of interest to psychology majors from the U.S. Department of Labor . These descriptions identify the skills people in these occupations must possess to perform their jobs successfully.
    • O*NET: The O*NET system is a national source of occupational information, providing comprehensive information on key attributes and characteristics of workers and occupations - you will need to search it by keywords or terms.

    Salary information

    Job searching information

    • A sample of career searching sites (some may involve fees or subscriptions but you will be warned before you spend any money).Career Services provides information on several options for online searching including sites specifically associated with more psychology-related jobs.

    Human services job searching - additional information

    • Many employers in this area advertise in their local newspapers as they do not have large advertising budgets. Consequently, check to see if the job site you've chosen crawls newspapers for jobs and/or visit the classified ads of the paper in a town in which you'd like to work.
    • The National Assembly of Health and Human Services Organizations ( has a link to jobs and internships across the nation.
    • The local United Way website for the geographical area for which you are interested will provide a list of agencies they support.

    Useful links regarding careers in psychology

    Several good sites from other universities

    Psychology-related professional organizations

    • APA The American Psychological Association is a good resource that will also include information about joining as a student affiliate.
    • APA's Psychology as a Career
    • APS The Association of Psychological Science is more research oriented than APA. APS has excellent student resources too.
    • PSI CHI This is the international site for Psi Chi, an honors association for psychology undergraduates and graduate students. There is information about the organization as well as student grant opportunities.
    • MPA The Midwestern Psychological Association is an excellent regional group that puts on an annual meeting in Chicago every year. Several UW-L students have presented papers through Psi Chi at the MPA conference. Information on membership and the conference is available at this site.

    Recommended reading

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