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  • Internships

    Volunteer, Fieldwork, & Internship Opportunities

    The Psychology Department strongly recommends that all students complete an internship before graduation. Even if you do not receive credit, professional experience is very important. Both employers and graduate schools mention professionally-related experience as one of the top things they look for in their candidates.


    • Students should begin the internship process the semester before taking internship for course credit. This includes applying for internship positions and consulting with Dr. Casey Tobin, Department of Psychology Internship Coordinator.
    • Placement begins with the Career Services office (1140 Centennial Hall), then requires department approval, and the final registration for the course is handled by Career Services.
    • Before the 2nd week of the semester, students must receive approval from the Department of Psychology Internship Coordinator following the process outlined below.
    • Students are required to attend the first class scheduled the 2nd Friday of the semester.
    • There are mandatory class meetings (to be announced during first class meeting) that students are also required to attend.
    • Course enrollment may be limited and late approvals could result in a student delaying the experience for a semester if credit for the experience is needed. 

    The process

    Obtaining internship credit (Fall, Spring, or Summer)

    Step 1: Decide on the type of experience/credit you wish to obtain PSY309; PSY450; CEI450; or CYC450 - comparison chart.

      *Please be aware that there are mandatory class meetings (2-6) associated with PSY309, PSY450, CYC450, and CEI450.

    Step 2: If you decide on PSY309 - enroll in the course during regular registration. Juniors are encouraged to take PSY309 prior to a PSY450 internship. 

    Step 3: If you decide on PSY/CEI or CYC450, you need a minimum GPA of 2.30 and junior standing. There are several steps:

    Step 3.1: ALL "450" courses start with Career Services (Centennial Hall). To initiate the process of setting up an internship you MUST attend or complete an online internship workshop at Career Services. They will work with you to set up a placement file and to select a site. Many of the placements are in demand, so you might have to "compete" for a spot. 

    Step 3.2: REGISTERING FOR CREDIT. Once you have selected a site to which you you are applying, you will need to physically go to Career Services  to activate the online authorization process associated with registering for credit. This process will include providing Career Services with your UWL email address, the site for which you were selected, and a description of responsibilities. This will initiate the online process for credit approval/registration.  You will still need to be interviewed and/or approved by the site organization.

    Step 3.3: You will receive an email from Dr, Casey Tobin requiring you to provide a 1-page essay regarding your placement. You will submit this to Dr. Tobin via email prior to approval.

    The essay is a response to the following: Please elaborate how the work you will be doing in your internship is directly related to the field of psychology. If you are submitting for a CYC450 internships, please emphasize how the placement is directly related to at-risk children/families.

    Step 3.4: Once the online process has been approved by Dr. Tobin, the information will automatically be forwarded to Career Services and you will be enrolled in the course. Please allow a maximum of 2 weeks for the course to appear on your class schedule after the final approval. 

    Popular psych internship sites in the La Crosse area 

    The following is a list of several La Crosse area sites where our majors have interned. They are in alphabetical order and are provided to give you a sense of what kinds of opportunities are available. 


    At-Risk Youth Intern – Hamilton Early Learning Center

     Interns will have the opportunity to work with at-risk children; addressing relationship interaction skills, structure of the activity/environment, dealing with emotional regulation/bullying and oppositional behaviors with children. Interns may work with individual students in mentoring activities to develop social skills (friendship, conflict resolution, etc.). In small group settings interns may work with groups of students with similar needs (bullying prevention, peer regulation, etc.). Interns may help facilitate family nights, as family education is a component of our school. 

    Community Teen Center – YMCA & Gundersen Lutheran 

    Internship duties include working with the Teen Center Director in overall operations of the Community Teen Center. Recruitment of youth and volunteers, interaction with youth, planning activities and events for at- risk youth may be included in responsibilities. 

    Coulee Youth Centers 

    Some of the internships available include: Visitation Monitors transport children to designated visit sites with parents and document events that occur during the visit; Counselors often work on confrontation and problem-solving skills with youth clients; Juvenile Trackers make check-in visits to delinquents at their assigned curfew time; Home Detention interns monitor home behavioral charts for progress. 

    Domestic Violence Intervention Project

    DVIP assists individuals experiencing abuse or the threat of abuse in their family. The intern gains experience with the criminal justice system and community agency coordination. Interns may also attend Men's Abuse Program staff meetings.  

    Family and Children's Center Teacher's Assistant/Program Assistant 

    Interns work with chemically dependent, delinquent, truant, aggressive, and runaway adolescents. Interns working with the Leadership School provide basic education and counseling for at-risk adolescents.  

    Great Rivers 2-1-1 (Formerly First Call For Help)

    Interns assist the professional staff at the telephone helping service in crisis intervention or telephone counseling. An extensive training period is required.

    New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers Children's Program

    Interns participate in planning and leading children's weekly group sessions, research funding sources, and collecting resource materials, and participate in speaking engagements whenever possible.  

    Riverfront  - Intern  

    Working individuals with developmental, physical and mental disabilities with the goal of providing accessibility and opportunities for people with varying levels of abilities and interests. Various activities will encourage cooperation and self-expression, build trust in others and confidence in self, develop new skills and emotional responses and foster understanding between people of varying life experiences, abilities, disabilities, ages and ethnicities. Activities include acting as an appropriate role model, maintaining professional relationships with participants and Riverfront team members.  

    Wisconsin State Public Defender 

    Interns interview clients to determine their eligibility for a state-appointed attorney. Other possible projects may include:  testifying in or sitting in on court hearings, and gathering information from crime scenes.   

    YWCA of the Coulee Region - Excessive Absences Program (EAP) Intern   

    The Excessive Absences Program works with youth, their families and area schools to improve school attendance. This program addresses lateness, truancy and excessive "excused" absences; and recognizes that school absences have negative academic and social consequences and are linked to drug and alcohol use, crime and early sexual activity and works to keep kids in school. The Excessive Absences Program is supported by area schools, the La Crosse County Department of Human Services, and Truancy Courts.