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  • Registration information


    Registration information for the upcoming term

    Information on course offerings, curriculum changes, Psych Faire, and registration processes - updated regularly! 

    Psych Faire

    Psych Faire is held once a semester traditionally on the Friday before registration runs from 9-3.

    The department encourages our majors to utilize Psych Faire for basic advising questions.  It is designed so that students can easily access knowledgeable faculty and staff.  For more in-depth advising, students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor either earlier in the semester or after Psych Faire has occurred.  

    Why is Psych Faire spelled with an "e" at the end? 

    Legend has it that several faculty wanted to dress up as fairies to promote the event the year of its inception. However, we can neither confirm nor deny this rumor. 

    fairy wings