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  • Final Exam Schedule

    Please note:

    1. Classes which meet 4 or 5 days a week such as MTWTH or MTWTHF will use the MWF examination time and MW or WF "X" classes will also use the MWF examination time.
    2. No student will be required to take more than three final exams on the same day. If a night class is not involved, instructors of the fourth and subsequent exams on that day will be obliged to reschedule that student's exam if the Records and Registration Office certifies that such an overload exists. If a night class is involved, the night class and the student's first two exams of the day will remain as scheduled and the other instructors will be obliged to reschedule their exams for that student.
    3. Any instructor-initiated changes must be approved by the Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and will only be granted under extraordinary circumstances. Instructors may send requests to change an examination time to the Provost at

    Final Exam Schedule for Spring 2015

    Grades will be available in WINGS approximately May 22, 2015.

    Final Exam Times Mon, May 11 Tues, May 12 Wed, May 13 Thurs, May 14 Fri, May 15
    7:45am-9:45am All 3:30pm and 3:55pm TTH Classes MTH 050, 051, 135, 136, 150, 151, 175, 207, 208, 309 (Mass Exam) All 1:10pm MWF Classes SPA 101, 102, 103, 201, 202 (Mass Exam) All 3:20pm and 3:55pm MWF Classes
    10:00am-12:00pm ACC 222 (Mass Exam) HPR 105 (Mass Exam) CS 101, CS 120, CS 225, CT 100 (Mass Exam) ACC 221, PHY 204 (Mass Exam) MTH 145 (Mass Exam)
    12:15pm-2:15pm All 7:45am TTH Classes All 9:55am TTH Classes All 12:40pm and 1:10pm TTH Classes All 12:05pm and 12:40pm MWF Classes All 8:50am and 9:25am TTH Classes
    2:30pm-4:30pm All 8:50am and 9:25am MWF Classes All 7:45am MWF Classes All 12:05pm TTH Classes All 4:25pm MWF Classes All 2:15pm TTH Classes
    4:45pm-6:45pm All 11:00am TTH Classes All 4:25pm TTH Classes All 9:55am MWF Classes All 2:15pm MWF Classes All 11:00am MWF Classes
    7:00pm-9:00pm All Monday Evening Classes All Tuesday Evening Classes All Wednesday Evening Classes All Thursday Evening Classes