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    Drop/Add Form

    Drop/add forms are available at the Office of Records and Registration, 117 Graff Main Hall. Completed forms may be returned between the hours of 7:45 A.M. and 4:30 P.M.

    Adding a Class:

    • Students may register on-line for a course until the time a signature is required for admission into the course.
    • Students already enrolled in a course may add courses via the WINGS Student Center system through the fifth day of instruction for full semester courses, provided that course/section is open.
    • An instructor's signature is needed to enter a class that is closed.
    • For additions to schedules between the sixth and tenth day of instruction an instructor's signature is needed.
    • After the tenth day, additions to schedules will be made only in extreme cases and will need the approval of the instructor, department chair and dean.

    Dropping a Class:

    • Students may drop courses via WINGS Student Center through the fifth day for a full semester course.
    • After the fifth day students must have a drop/add form signed by the course instructor and then brought to 117 Graff Main Hall.
    • The last day to drop a full semester class is one week after mid-semester.
    Other forms

    Change of Program: 

    Change of Program forms can be found in (and must be returned to) your Dean's office. This form allows you to change majors, minors and add or delete majors and minors. The form is not electronic. If your new major is in a different college on campus, submit the Change of Program form to the Dean's office that houses your new major. See your Dean's office for more details.

    • College of Business: 138 Wimberly Hall
    • College of Liberal Studies: 260 Morris Hall
    • College of Science and Health: 205 Graff Main Hall

    Enrollment/Degree Verification:

    Students who need enrollment verification for Health Insurance, Loan Deferments, Scholarships, etc. can print out a formal statement of attendance by clicking the "Enrollment Verification" menu item under the Enrollment Resources menu located on the lower right side of your WINGS Student Center which will take you to a secure connection to the National Student Clearinghouse. This is a free service to our students. Verify Enrollment/Degree

    Off Campus Course Evaluation and Permit Form:

    Students often decide to take courses at other institutions during the various breaks throughout the year (such as winter intersession or summer). Prior to taking a course at another institution, complete the Off Campus Course Evaluation and Permit form available in your Dean's office before registering for the course. This will ensure that the course will transfer appropriately to UWL and fulfill intended requirements. Note: Students may NOT REPEAT a course at another institution once it has been taken at UWL. Please contact the Office of the Dean with questions or concerns regarding transfer information. Transfer Credit Policy.

    More information about transferring credit to UWL


    The WINGS Student Center will not allow you to register for courses that are full or require special permission from the instructor, department chair, and/or dean. Permission is obtained on override forms that are available in department offices.  These forms are available via your instructor(s) and/or Dean's office.

    Electronic overrides are available for closed classes and pre-requisites until the fifth day of instruction. (Exceptions apply for Summer and Winter sessions - see your instructor and/or department chair.)