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Secondary Teacher Education Preparation

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  • Advising

    STEP Advising Worksheet 

  • General Education and Professional Core  Worksheet
  • The following list of advisors can provide you with academic information whether you are a pre-education student or a teacher education candidate admitted to the STEP Program.

    • Computer Science (Major and Minor) Dr. Josh Hertel, Mathematics, 1001 Cowley Hall, 785-8668,
    • English (Major and Minor), Dr. Heidi Jones, English, 431F, Wimberley Hall, 785-6922, 
    • Mathematics (Major and Minor), Dr. Jennifer Kosiak, Mathematics, 1004 Cowley Hall, 785-8385,      
    • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science,and Broadfield Majors and Minors) - Dr. Megan Litster, Biology, 3009 Cowley Hall, 785-8252,    
    • Social Studies (History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Broadfield Majors and Minors), Dr. Ken Shonk, History, 366B, Wimberley Hall, 785-6560,
    • Licensure Sandy Keller, SOE Certification Officer, 275 Morris Hall, 785-8123,