My research interests of varied, but all involve difficult research designs about human behavior. Most recently, I have been involved with the topic of drug addiction. In 1999 I was asked to join the Department of Justice Alternative Court Treatment team. I have spent many years since evaluating and training Alternative Court Treatment teams. I started with Drug Courts first in 2001, but have since worked with Alcohol Treatment Courts and Verterans Treatment Courts. All the programs try to help addicted or troubled individuals avoid lengthy jail sentences through the application of coercive treatment methods. The success of the programs and coercive treatment approaches has lead me to develop a new definition of addiction called "the brain injury" definition. In 2008, I was invited to join the Oxford Roundtable at Oxford University. I presented my research and the new definition over the course of 7 days to 160 of the worlds most important addiction specialist. The reception to the new definition was very favorable and today you can find many writings expressing support for the adoption of the new way of thinking about addiction. My work on addiction contiues today (


In the past I spent several years reserach autism treatments. I have conducted two major researches regarding theoretical foundations for the symptoms of autism. I am currently developing two other studies into the causes of autistic spectrum disorders. I encourage anyone interested in the topic to contact me.

In the not too distant past I have conducted research on the effectiveness of tobacco and alcohol resistance programs. In that research I evaluated the effectiveness of the Rural Prevention Coalition, a cooperative effort between two inter-state counties. I have also evaluated alcohol treatment programs, pregnancy prevention programs, alternative criminal sentencing strategies. If you are interested in program evaluation research please contact me.

In 1993 the Department of Transportation and the Department of Health and Human Services contracted me to research the increasing number of repeat drunk drivers in the State of Wisconsin. The research took two years to complete and is the topic of some debate regarding our current strategies for decreasing the number of repeaters on the road. If you are interested in the topic of drunk driving please contact me.

Program Evaluation is a major part of my research interests, and in 2001 I am conducting seven major program assessments.  Many of the program evaluations involve various criminal justice programs where the intent is to alter the behavior of those who have been convicted of a crime.  Much of our societal resources and community safety are jeapordized by criminal behavior and today more and more interest is being placed on alternatives to incarceration.  The interest in alternative programs is very good, since the prison system does not seem to alter the behavior of most offenders, but the alternative programs need to be evaluated to insure the effectiveness and outcome of the method.  If you need a program evaluated or would like more information on program evaluation, please contact me.