I am originally from Taylor, Michigan an industrial area near Detroit. Despite the fact that I was a poor student in High School, I went to college at the University of Northern Colorado on an athletic scholarship. My dedication as an athlete was superior to my dedication as a student. Consequently, I was drafted and served six years in the United States Navy. My service to the Vietnam War was as a meteorologist and I became a very good forecaster. After my discharge I moved back to Colorado to finish my degree program. I greatly increased my level of dedication to the student in me and graduated in 1978 with B.S. degrees in Geography and Sociology. During my senior year I began work on my Masters Thesis in Sociology. I finished my Masters Degree in 1979.

I moved to Kalamazoo, MI to work on my Ph.D. at Western Michigan University in 1980. My areas of concentration, in order of emphasis were Sociology of Education, Social Psychology and Industrial Sociology. I completed my program in 1982 and was hired by UWL.

I live, with my wife and children, on a small farm near La Crosse. My hobbies are many, but some of the current important ones are training field dogs, training mules, mule riding, bicycle touring, raising chickens, canoeing, snowshoeing, and experimentation. I am very fortunate to have found La Crosse. I believe the area has some of the most beautiful sites to be found anywhere in the world. The area is known as the Coulee Region because of the many valleys with streams running through the meadows. If you like rugged terrain and blue sky the Coulee Region is the place to be. Don’t take my word for it, make a visit.