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  • General information

    Below is a 2014-15 cost estimate to complete an SAA degree. Tuition and fees are subject to change every year. Please check the Cashier's Office for updates.  Also refer to Know Your Cost to Attend.

    2014-15 Cost Estimate
    Category On-campus/UWRF Online
    Number of credits 42 40
    Cost per credit $506.21 for residents/$575 (capped at 9 credits per semester) $575 (capped at 9 credits per semester)
    Total tuition cost $17,632.00/$20,700 $23,000
    Salary Grad Asst/GSI - $10,225 (50% position)/year Your current salary
    Living Relocate to La Crosse or River Falls area Need Internet access
    Driving To campus None
    Parking Possible fee Not applicable
    Class dress Must be presentable Don’t care what you wear
    Textbooks Must purchase Must purchase
    National conference to present research project Optional but highly encouraged for job seekers the 2nd year; required to attend SAA Research Day at UWL or UWRF Required to attend the national conference or 
    SAA Research Day at UWL; you must cover travel, hotel, registration costs 
    Summers No classes - get work/intern experience Classes do meet

    See Federal Student Aid for information about deferring undergraduate loans while you are enrolled in the SAA program.  (You qualify if you are enrolled at least half-time).

    Funding Sources:

    1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Our financial aid school code is 003919. Do this as soon as you can after you accept the offer to join the SAA program.
      • To be eligible for Financial Aid, you must take at least 5 credits per semester or 5 credits over summer session.
      • Starting approximately April 15, financial aid awards will be mailed and students will have three weeks to return the Award form if they wish to decline their awards. Spring and summer financial aid applications for Online students are processed as they are received.
      • Students from Minnesota must apply for the Reciprocity Agreement tuition at the Cashier's website to avoid paying out-of-state residency fees.
    2. Additional Resources:
      • Students can apply for UWL Foundation Scholarships: UWL Foundation website  (Enter SAA in the search field for the three options).  Please note that the deadline is February.
      • Students can apply for small grants though the Office of Graduate Studies if they pay segregated fees (usually only the On-Campus students).  The Graduate Student Research Grant Program makes awards during the Fall and Spring.
      • Students are encouraged to check into tuition reimbursement programs through their employers.
    For questions related to financing your SAA degree, please call the Financial Aid Office staff at 608.785.8604 or send an e-mail to In general, graduate students will receive the majority of their financial assistance from student loans.