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Student Affairs Administration (SAA)

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  • Overview

    An innovative and traditional cohort program, in existence since 1968, that includes graduate assistantships and internships at UW-La Crosse, Viterbo University and Western Technical College.  On-campus courses utilize online and blended formats to enhance student learning experiences.

    Established in 2007, designed for current working professionals in higher education who want to advance their career.  This innovative cohort-based program values course activities that involve sharing experiences from diverse perspectives of higher education settings across the country.

    Designed for individuals who are seeking student affairs experience, the partner program involves enrolling in the SAA online program while gaining professional experience as a Graduate Assistant at another institution. Partner program courses primarily utilize blended and online components.

    Degree  Master of Science in Education (M.S. Ed.)

    UWL Advantages

    • Learn from faculty who are current and former practitioners in the field - Deans, Directors, Vice-Chancellors, etc.
    • Gain practical experiences via internships and graduate assistantships
    • Benefit from fellow students' knowledge and shared campus experiences throughout the program 
    • Apply content immediately to your job or graduate assistantship
    • The curriculum is practical and covers current issues in student affairs & higher education
    • Join a close-knit program and university community
    • Become a part of SAA alumni & friends network all across the country
    • Join international opportunities that are currently offered and being developed for the future
    • Earn a master's degree from a prestigious program and UW institution 


     About Student Affairs: