Roger J. Haro, Ph.D.

Current Undergraduate Researchers

Are you interested in gaining research experience?

I am always looking for committed and engaged students who are interested in getting their "feet wet" with research. I have a number of projects that focus on freshwater ecology, which involve both field and laboratory investigation. I usually ask that interested students volunteer 2 - 3 hours in my lab for a semester before embarking on a research project. Research projects are usually conducted for credit (minimum of 2 cr) under the BIO 499 course listing. If you're interested, feel free to contact me. I would be happy to discuss our current projects and give you a tour of our research facilities. With adequate preparation and a good GPA there are also possibilities for competing for a Dean's Distinguished Fellowship.

Former Undergraduate Researchers

Spring 2005

Katie Bussher

Research: Do relic cases of larval Leptocerus americanus spatially correlate with adult emergence rates?

Fall 2004

Cinthia Wittrock

Research: Estimation of measurement bias for the detection of fluctuating asymmetry in the wings of Leptocerus americanus (Leptoceridae: Trichoptera)

Spring 2004

Brian Klingbail

Research: Development of standard operating procedures for the Fieldcam® time-lapse underwater video recording system

Spring 2004

Laura Falkner

Research: Development of a body length-emergence relationship and sexual size dimorphism in Leptocerus americanus (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae)

Summer 2003

Jacob Ogorek

Research: The Ecology of Leptocerus americanus (Leptoceridae: Trichoptera) in Myrick Marsh, La Crosse Co., Wisconsin

Spring 2002

Kelly Williams

Research: Behavioral Responses of Larval Glossosoma intermedium (Trichoptera: Glossosomatidae) to Added Case Load 

{PDF Abstract}

Fall 2002

Allison Neils & Melissa Barman

Research: Methods and Materials for Behavioral Study of Leptocerus americanus 

{PDF Abstract}

Summer 2002

Tammy Danielson

Research: Nitrogen Flux in Near-channel Groundwater During an Experimental Drawdown of Pool 8 on the Mississippi River

{PDF Abstract}

Summer 2001

Shane Jones

Research: Grazing on Your Neighbor’s Back – Experimental Analysis of the Foraging Trade-offs of a Larval Caddisfly

{PDF Abstract}

Spring 2001

Nate Haas

Research: Analysis of Genetic Differentiation Between and Within Naturalized and Domesticated Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) by Polymerase Chain Reaction

Fall 2000

Ben Campbell

Research: Chironomid Larvae As Indicators of Stream Quality in The Assessment of Non-Point Source Pollution

Spring 2000

Jacklyn (Gautsch) Neely

Research: The Relationship of Larval Instar and Size to Case Size in Glossosoma intermedium (Trichoptera: Glossosomatidae)

Fall 1999

John Heim

Research: Community comparison of Aufwusch Versus Total Sample Diversity of Macroinvertebrates from the Maquoketa River Watershed, Iowa

Spring 1999

Ken McElroy

Research: Metric Development for an Invertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity (I-IBI) for Streams of the Midwestern Cornbelt Ecoregion

Spring 1999

Jean Miesbauer

Research: Movement Patterns of a Larval Caddisfly Over Tile and Sand Substrates in Artificial Flume

Spring 1999

Angela Shuller

Research: Development of an Area to Biomass Relationship for Larval Aquatic Midges Using an Image Analysis System

Fall 1997

Ken McElroy

Research: Affect of Substrate Condition on Periphyton Standing Crop Within and Among Southwestern Wisconsin Streams

Spring 1997

Kimberly Skroch

Research: An Analysis of Sulfide Mining in Northeastern Wisconsin and Review of the Mining Moratorium Bill

Spring 1997

Christopher McNerney

Research: Assessing Regional Differences in Growth of the Stream-dwelling Caddisfly Larvae Glossosoma intermedium (Glossosomatidae: Trichoptera)



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