Roger J. Haro, Ph.D.









My service areas are:






• Co-creator of the ZooLab web sites on BioWeb.
• Helped organized the 1st Conference on Aquatic Science Education in the UW-System (OPID), UW-La Crosse, December 2003.
• Creating Digital Library Materials for Science and Math Related Programs.


• Joint Minority Affairs Committee. 2004 (Co-chair), 2003 (Chair), 2000 (Chair), and1999 (member). Co-author of the “UW- La Crosse Plan 2008: Educational Quality Through Racial and Ethnic Diversity.”
• Most Accessible Award Nominee in 2002 for SAPA (Students Advocating Potential Ability).
• Advisor for the “UW-L Environmental Science Club.” (1999 – present).
• Invited speaker at the Chancellor’s Inaugural Celebration. My talk was titled, “Our Land-use Legacy.” April 2002.
• Seminar speaker for the UW-L Environmental Analysis and Management Seminar Series. Seminar title, “Sex, Files and Video Tape: a Benthologist’s View of Freshwater Ecosystems.” UW-La Crosse, La Crosse, WI, November 2003.
• Hosted a tour for the Board of Regents’ Partners of the Lock and Dam at Trempealeau, Wisconsin, October 2000.
• Instructed a week-long Young Scholars program with Dr. D. Sutherland (“Crawleology 101” – Invertebrate Biology for Kids) for UW-L Continuing Education and Extension (2002 & 2003).

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• Committee Chair supervising the Science Scholarships for Students of Color (1999 – present). I designed the application brochure. The committee reviewed applications and tracked awardees’ academic performance throughout the 4-year duration of the awardees’ undergraduate program.
• Coordinator/Researcher, UW-L/USGS Cooperative Education Agreement, USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (2001 – 2004).
• Chair, ad hoc Committee for the CSAH Large Format Printer (1999 – 2002). At the request of the Dean, I purchased, assembled and managed use a large format printer for the production of student and faculty research posters. The committee established guidelines for the printer’s use for the college. Nearly all the research posters presented by students and faculty in CSAH since 1999 have been produced on this printer.
• Instructor for a half-day National Science Foundation “Girls in Science” program (“Swimmers and Crawlers”) (2001 & 2002).

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• Co-program chair and local arrangements committee member for the 49th Annual Meeting of the North American Benthological Society (NABS), La Crosse, Wisconsin, June 3 – 8, 2001. NABS is the principal scientific society for river ecologists and, unlike its name implies, has a substantial international membership. I successfully presented the proposal for the La Crosse venue to the society’s executive committee at an annual society meeting in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. I was also in charge of planning the plenary sessions and much of the daily program for the meeting. The meeting was held at the La Crosse Center and set a society record with 568 presentations (4 plenary, 403 platform, and 161 poster presentations), occurring during 5-6 concurrent sessions. In addition, there were 4 full day workshops, a Taxonomy Fair, numerous committee/special meetings, graduate student auctions and raffle, 5 field trips/tours, social mixers, a barbeque at the south Octoberfest Grounds, and two athletic events. This program resulted in a record meeting attendance of 871. The La Crosse meeting set the record for net income ($77,568); no past or subsequent venue has generated such a profit for the society. The affair was truly an international event.
• Web site designer for the River Studies Center

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• Undergraduate Concentration Advisor – Aquatic Sciences Concentration (ASC) (1999 – present)
• Chair, Aquatic Science Concentration Committee (2000 – 2003)
• Chair, Ad hoc committee on the Redesign of the Biology Core Curriculum (2003)
• Member, Biology Graduate Studies Committee (2000)
• Member, Biology Budget Committee (2002 – present)
• Member, Biology Computer use/Coordination Committee (2000 - 2001)
• Maintain the ASC bulletin board (2000 – present)
• Web site designer for the ASC web site (1999 – present)
• Designed and update the ASC brochure
• Research presentation to UW-L Biology Club (March 2003)

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• Ecological Society of America
• North American Benthological Society
• Mississippi River Research Consortium

Other Service to Professional Organizations

• Member of the Human Resources Committee of the North American Benthological Society (1999 – 2003). The Committee works to 1) actively identify and expand diversity with the membership and 2) recognize and enhance the role of undergraduate teaching and research among the membership.
• Research Proposal Reviewer (1999 - present) - Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program, United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Small Business Innovation Research Program, U.S. Department of Agriculture

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• Community Liaison – Holmen School District K – 5 Science Curriculum Committee (2001 – present)
• Invited presentation - 98th Annual Western Wisconsin Education Conferences, La Crosse, WI, February 20, 2004. Title: “High School Scientific Research: Moving Beyond the Science Fair and Towards the Undergraduate Research Experience.” Drs. D. Sutherland and T. Gerber also presented.
• Invited presentation – Coulee Region Chapter of Trout Unlimited (February 2000 & April 2003).
• Scientific Judge – Gundersen-Lutheran Hospital High School Science Fair (2000)
• Scientific Expert – Since 2000, I have been interviewed 6 times by local media outlets to discuss various topics, including the La Crosse Marsh, the Mississippi River, mosquitoes and mayflies.
• Scientific Expert – Every year I receive numerous phone calls and emails from the public-at-large concerning entomological issues. These unsolicited interactions as an important form of public outreach for UW-L. On more than several occasions, I have been sent invertebrates to identify for agencies and local institutions.

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