Undergraduate Research and Internship Opportunities

Because of the large amount of aquatic research and management being conducted in the La Crosse area, Aquatic Science students have the opportunity to gain valuable "hands-on" experience through employment and/or internships on research projects with UW-L faculty, governmental agencies, and private companies. Students can earn university credit for internships and for conducting their own research projects. These experiences greatly enhance employment and acceptance to graduate schools.

Undergraduate Research
Conducting an undergraduate research project is an excellent way to put your new knowledge to work. They also foster important interactions and collaborations among students and faculty. UW-L has a strong tradition of supporting student research by offering course credit for research projects, hosting research celebrations for students to present their research findings, and by offering competitive grants to assist in purchasing supplies and funding necessary travel. Go to the UW-L Undergraduate Research and the College of Science and Health Undergraduate Research pages to find the details regarding university and college support for student research. The UW-L McNair Scholars program may also be an important research support program for certain qualified students.

The first step in getting started in undergraduate research, is to figure our your own interests - a talk with your academic advisor or a professor may help. Next, examine the list of Aquatic Science Faculty and look for similarities among interests. Finally, schedule an appointment to meet with one or more of the faculty members to discuss the potential for undergraduate research.

Several government agencies and private companies in the La Crosse area regularly have internship (and employment) opportunities. Be sure to check out the UW-L page devoted to internships. There you will find all the information you need about finding and starting a internship while at UW-L. In the past the following entities have supported these interactions with our students:

USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center
USFWS Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge
USFWS Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge
USWFS La Crosse Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office
USFWS  La Crosse Fish Health Center
USFWS Genoa National Fish Hatchery
Wisconsin DNR
Minnesota DNR
Davy Laboratories

For further information, contact:

Dr. Eric A. Strauss, Aquatic Science Advisor
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
La Crosse, WI  54601

2033 Cowley Hall;  Telephone: (608) 785-8262