Biology Minor


Curriculum for the Biology Minor (All colleges, excluding Teacher Certification programs) - 24 credits including:


BIO103 Introductory or BIO 105 General Biology 4 credits

BIO 204 Plant Biology 3 credits

BIO 210 Animal Biology 3 credits


And electives in biology or microbiology including at least one course numbered 302 or above.


Note: BIO 102 (Contemporary Issues in Biological Sciences), BIO 106 (Nature Study), and MIC 100 (Microbes and Society), MIC 407 (Pathogenic Bacteriology), MIC 416 (Microbial Genetics) and MIC 425 (Bacterial Physiology ) are not applicable as electives. 


A maximum of two non-lab courses can be applied toward the biology minor elective requirements, excluding BIO 499 (Independent Research).



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