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Environmental Science Programs
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

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UW-La Crosse offers five undergraduate programs of study in Environmental Science. Check out the following web sites to learn more about these programs:

How Advisable Is Selecting A Minor?

Each of the environmental science majors at UW-La Crosse requires that students complete several science and math courses outside their major department. For example, students selecting a Biology Major, Environmental Science Concentration will complete 15-18 credits in chemistry. Only 8-11 additional chemistry credits are required to complete a minor in Chemistry.

A minor is an excellent way of gaining expertise in an additional discipline and increasing employment opportunities.

The following minors are especially relevant to students in environmental sciences:

  • Biology Minor--This minor nicely complements majors in Chemistry or Geography with Environmental Science Concentrations.

  • Chemistry Minor--The importance of understanding the transport, fate, and effects of environmental contaminants is well-recognized. In addition, this is one of the largest areas of employment in environmental science.

  • Computer Science Minor--This is a more focused, traditional computer science curriculum. It is also an excellent option to consider.

  • Geographical Information Systems ("GIS") Minor--This minor includes one of the fastest growing (and marketable) technologies in environmental science - the use of computer technology to study spatial patterns. GIS technology is used in ecological research, land use planning, wildlife management, and many other disciplines.

  • Statistics Minor--Though most students in the environmental sciences take a statistics course, a more thorough background in statistics is considered very desirable by most governmental agencies and private companies. By obtaining good statistical skills, students enhance their employability and their prospects for entering graduate school.

Other Minors

Other minors are also suitable for consideration, depending on career goals and interests. For example, a Professional Writing Minor in English may be appropriate for students with science writing interests. Students interested in pursuing a career in environmental law and policy are encouraged to consider a minor in Political Science. A minor in Environmental Studies is also available for students with interests in the humanities.

M.S. Biology

A M.S. Biology graduate degree significantly extends students' capabilities and understanding. In addition, it expands employment opportunities and career paths. Aquatic and Environmental Science is one of the strengths of the M.S. Biology program at UW-La Crosse.