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Environmental Science Programs
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Student research

Undergraduate research is important at UW-La Crosse and is supported with institutional funding to individual students. Undergraduate research projects are excellent opportunities for students to conduct research under the one-on-one tutelage of a faculty member. Employers and graduate schools recognize that such projects require considerable time and effort and thus demonstrate initiative, interest, and special expertise. UW-La Crosse has ample opportunities for both field and laboratory research. In addition, some projects are conducted with federal and state scientists, enabling students to gain professional experience in research environments outside the University.

The following list are titles of recent environmentally related undergraduate research projects:

  • Analysis of erosion and deposition of sand from 1878 to 1890 in the Mississippi River

  • Navigation and side channel analysis of the Mississippi River with the aid of GIS

  • Development of a landcover map from Landsat Thematic Mapper data for the Maquoketa River basin

  • Preparing environmental sensitivity maps for the Lake Michigan shoreline

  • Cloning the mercury resistance genes (mer operon) from a native aquatic bacterium

  • Methylmercury content of eggs in yellow perch related to maternal exposure in Wisconsin lakes

  • Determination of the threshold concentration of mercury required for induction of bacterial mercury resistance in native aquatic bacteria

  • Small mammal community in a Mississippi River floodplain habitat

  • Possibilities of Manodistomum syntomentera as a cause of deformities in Rana pipens and Rana clamitans meanota

  • Effects of zebra mussels, juvenile fish, and nutrient loading on benthic invertebrate communities

  • As assessment of the detection and expansion of the range of whirling disease

  • Using geographic information systems to identify mosquito control districts in the Twin Cities metro region

  • An analysis of stream discharge events in the Pammel Creek watershed

  • Flood prediction using National Weather Service data incorporated into a geographic information system

  • Ground water pollution problems in the karst drainage areas of western Wisconsin

  • Environmental impact of Mississippi River marina development, Prairie du Chien