Biology Minor (Teacher Certification)


Curriculum for the Biology Minor (Teacher Certification Program) - 22 credits including:


BIO 103 Introductory Biology or BIO 105 General Biology 4 credits

BIO 204 Plant Biology 3 credits

BIO 210 Animal Biology 3 credits

MIC 230 Fundamentals of Microbiology 4 credits or BIO 315 Cell Biology 4 credits

BIO 306 Genetics 4 credits

BIO 307 Ecology 3 credits


NOTE: BIO 102 (Contemporary Issues in Biological Sciences), BIO 106 (Nature Study), and MIC 100 (Microbes and Society), MIC 407 (Pathogenic Bacteriology), MIC 416 (Microbial Genetics), MIC 425 (Bacterial Physiology) are not applicable as electives.


A maximum of two non-lab courses can be applied toward the biology minor elective requirement, excluding BIO 490 (Current Topics in Biological Education) and BIO 499 (Independent Research).


In addition to the above sequence, GEO 200 (Conservation of Global Environments) and C-I 381 (Environmental Education Methods) are required. 


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