Lab 2: Microscopy & the Study of Tissues



  1. Introduction to histology (Part 1)

  2. Introduction to histology (Part 2)

  3. Introduction to histology (Part 3)   

  4. Simple squamous epithelium (frog skin)

  5. Simple cuboidal epithelium (cross section of the kidney)

  6. Simple columnar epithelium (cross section of the small intestine)

  7. Stratified squamous epithelium (cross section of the esophagus)

  8. Loose connective tissue (spread film of fascia)

  9. Hyaline cartilage (cross section of the trachea)

10. Pseudostratified columnar epithelium (cross section of the trachea)

11. Adipose tissue (cross section of the trachea)

12. Compact bone (cross section of dried bone)

13. Smooth muscle (separated fibers)

14. Skeletal muscle  (cross section of the tongue)

15. Cardiac muscle (sectioned to show intercalated disks)

16. Nervous tissue (multipolar neuron)

17. Dense regular connective tissue (tendon)

18. Simple squamous epithelium model

19. Simple cuboidal epithelium model

20. Simple columnar epithelium model

21. Pseudostratified columnar epithelium model

22. Skeletal (striated) muscle model

23. Smooth muscle model

24. Cardiac muscle model

25. Compact bone model 

26. Multipolar neuron model