Lab 9: Echinoderms and the Chordates


  1. Taxonomy for Lab 9

  2. Starfishes (Class Asteroidea)

  3. Sea urchins (Class Echinoidea)

  4. Sand dollars (Class Echinoidea)

  5. Brittle stars and basket stars (Class Ophiuroidea)

  6. Sea cucumbers (Class Holothuroidea)

  7. Sea lilies and feather stars (Class Crinoidea)

  8. Sea squirts (Subphylum Tunicata, or Urochordata)

  9. Salps (Subphylum Tunicata, or Urochordata)

10. Lancelets (Subphylum Cephalochordata

  11. Class Myxini (hagfishes)

  12. Petromyzontida (lampreys)

  13. Class Chondrichthyes (sharks, skates, rays)

  14. Class Sarcopterygii (lung fishes, coelacanths)

  15. Class Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)

  16. Starfish arm c.s

17. Starfish bipinnaria larva

18. Starfish brachiolaria larva

19. Starfish pedicellaria

20. Tunicate larva w.m.

21. Lancelet  w.m.  (anterior region)

22. Lancelet  (c.s. pharyngeal region)

23. Lancelet c.s.  (dorsal pharyngeal region)

24. Lancelet c.s. (ventral  pharyngeal region

25. Lancelet c.s. (intestinal region)

26. Starfish dissection mount (aboral surface)

27. Starfish dissection mount (oral surface)

23. Starfish model

  28. Placoid fish scales

  29. Ganoid fish scales

  30. Cyloid fish scales

  31. Ctenoid fish scales

  32. The ammocoetes larva

  33. Perch dissection mount (anterior region)

  34. Perch dissection mount (posterior region)