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Hi! Welcome to my home page. I am an Associate Professor in the Biology Department at UW-L and have been here since 1998. I am an official member of the Cellular and Molecular Biology Concentration here in the department. However, I advise students in the Biomedical Science Concentration and Biology majors who are on the Premedicine track, so if you have a question about Cellular and Molecular, Biomedical Science, or Premed, I can probably answer it for you. 

Below are the courses that I teach at UW-L, most of which have web pages associated with them. I have also included links to other pages that I use in my classes, as well as links to "The Simpsons" and other "cute" home pages, in case you are interested. :) 

If you would like to find out more about me, please click here

BIO306: Genetics Communication in the Biological Sciences
BIO440/540: Bioinformatics UWL Undergraduate Research Home Page
BIO466/566: Human Molecular Genetics SAH Undergraduate Research Home Page
BIO468/568: Human Molecular Genetics Lab Bioweb
BIO714: Advanced Genetics
  • Learn to read primary literature more effectively while learning genetics
  • Great class for undergraduates considering medical or graduate school!
  • See me or Drs. Abler or Rott for enrollment information
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
SAH307: Changing the Culture: Women in Science
  • Science majors should take this course to fulfill their GenEd requirement
  • Offered Spring only, instructors vary
Eugenics Archive Site
BIO103: Introductory Biology National Human Genome Research Institute
BIO105: General Biology Careers in Genetics
UWL100: First Year Student Seminar The Simpsons Home Page
SAH160: Keys to Science Success (Marshmallow) Bunny Survival Tests (B.S.T. Home Page)
  The Bunnies Strike Back (The Sequel) 
  Peeps Research
  Homestar Runner
  Return to Biology Homepage Experiments on Twinkies


I would appreciate it if you would let me know if you have trouble while accessing this or any other of my web pages.

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