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Currently we have multiple research projects running at once. They range from studying sediment samples taken in local samples of river fed lakes. With this project we are observing whether or not the dam that was put into place had an effect on local population of multiple organisms including: Daphnia, Bosmina, Chydorid, Copepods, Bryozoans, and many others. Also, if we do find a change in the populations, we are going to observe whether or not the speciation of populations is greater closer or farther away from the river. Ali and Steven doing research at Myric Marsh

The second project is studying melanin production in Daphnia ephippia. We are going to be testing whether or not there is a connection between fungal infections and the pigmentation of the ephippia.

We recently started the work on studying pathway cost analysis using GIS in tandem with molecular work to measure and explain diversity differences of reef versus grass bed species. As well as studying myodocopa, a parasite that infects ostracods.