Current Research Students.

Steven Girard (Summer 2011-Present): Biology major with Biomedical concentration.

Current Project: Studying bioluminescent ostracods using molecular techniques.


Carmen "Ali" Rivera-Perez (Summer 2011-Present): Biology major.              Current Project: Studying core sample of the backwaters of Mississippi River Marsh looking at population differences before and after the dam was put in.


Christina Olbrantz (Summer 2011-Present): Exercise and Sports Science major                                                                                             Current Project: Molecular work with bioluminescent ostracods.

Suzanne Ryan (Spring 2012- Present): Aquatic Science.                             Current Project: Seasonality of the zooplankton of the La Crosse River marsh.  Also, lead contamination of the marsh.

Karali Fedor (Fall 2011- Present): Psychology major.                                Current Project: Population studies of zooplankton of the greater lakes

Ryan Ryan Moncada - (Spring 2012- Present) Biology major with a concentration in biomedical science.                                                                    Current Project: Working with zooplankton of the Greater Lakes.