Photos of Me, My Wife Gail, Our House, "The Boys" (Easton & Kodi who passed away in April 2011) and the Newest Addition to Our Family, Dakota!

On The Amazon River in Peru

With "The Boys" at the Cabin in Colorado

Gail at Sevenoaks, England Our New Puppy Dakota in His Toy Box, July 2011
Photo of Our House on Eagle Bluff, MN Newer Photo of Our House on Eagle Bluff, MN Our Back Yard and "Gail's" Barn and Office Our Driveway in Fall
The Front of Our House in Winter The Back Of Our House in Winter Our 1975 Jeep Cherokee & Snow Plow The Entrance to Our Driveway in Winter
Gail & "The Boys" at Our Cabin in Colorado Dakota on the Deck of Our Colorado Cabin  Dakota at Wheeler Lake (12,175 ft), Colorado On the Summit of Mt. Bross (14,172 ft), CO
Our Truck & Camper in Red Canyon, Utah Dakota in Our Camper Bed in Colorado Gail & "The Boys" on Grand Mesa, Colorado On Mt. Sheridan, Colorado (13,748 feet)
Making Friends in Utah's Canyonlands Hiking in Utah's Canyonlands  The "Boys" on Bald Mountain, Utah ~ 2010 On Bald Mountain Summit (11,943 ft) ~ 2010
With Dakota & Gail in Her Newly Remodeled Office Hiking to Wheeler Lake, Colorado ~ August 2011 Hiking in the Uinta Mountains of Utah ~ 2012 Dakota in the Beartooth Mountains ~ August 2012

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