Office Hours ~ Spring Semester 2014 

Class Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
07:45-08:40 325 CH        
08:55-09:45 325 CH Office Office Office Office
09:55-10:50 325 CH Office Office Office Office
11:00-11:55 325 CH        
12:05-13:00   Office Office Office Office
13:10-14:05 140 CH 156 CH 140 CH 156 CH 140 CH
14:15-15:40   111 WH      



Note: Although my Office Hours in 3014 Cowley Hall are listed above in green, please feel free to visit me anytime I am in my office, which is usually when I am not in class (as indicated by the yellow shading)!


I can often be reached by phone (608-785-8253), but if this becomes a problem, I can always be reached by e-mail at:

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