BIOLOGY 105 – FALL 2005

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Lab meets once a week.  In lab, students often work in teams and learn through the process of scientific inquiry.  A lab manual must be purchased from the UW-L book store.





September 12-15

Ecology 1

Pre-Lab Quiz 1 (5 points)

September 19-22

Ecology 2

Pre-Lab Quiz 2 (5)

September 26-29

Ecology 3

Pre-Lab Quiz 3 (5)

October 3-6 

Ecology 4

Pre-Lab Quiz 4 (5)

October 10-13

E1, E2, E3, E4

Post-Lab Quiz (20)

Ecology Lab Report Due (30)

October 17-20

Cell 2

Pre-Lab Quiz 5 (5)

October 24-27

Cell 3

Pre-Lab Quiz 6 (5)

October 31- November 3

Cell 4

Pre-Lab Quiz 7 (5)

November 7-10

C1, C2, C3, C4

Post-Lab Quiz  (20)

Cell Lab Report Due (30)

November 14-17

Genetics 2

Pre-Lab Quiz 8 (5)

November 28-December 1

Genetics 3

Pre-Lab Quiz 9 (5)

December 5-8

G1, G2, G3

Post-Lab Quiz  (20)

Group Oral Presentation/C-Fern Report (30)

Biodiversity Log (5)

Total possible laboratory points is 200.  However, points will be deducted for misuse of equipment in lab and for not following lab policies.

To study for pre-lab quizzes review the indicated chapter in your lab manual before going to lab

To study for post-lab quizzes review both the indicated chapters in your lab manual and review the results of your experiment and lab report before going to lab

Lab reports will be turned in as a group, and a common grade recorded.  You will be given the opportunity to evaluate each other’s contributions, which is worth 5 points of the total score.