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Student Opportunities

I am currently looking for one Master's student to begin in Fall 2005 or after.  There is also the potential for a second Master's position. 

I usually have opportunities for quality undergraduates to work in the research lab. 

Funding for Student Research

Master's Students:

  • I currently have an NIH grant application that was just funded.  This grant will provide stipend support for at least one Master's level graduate student.  This funding could start as early as Fall 2005.
  • The Cell and Molecular Biology program also has funds available to support Master's students.  This source of stipends is already committed for Fall 2005, but could be available to qualified students in Fall 2006.

Undergraduate Students:

  • I currently have an NIH grant application that I was just funded.  This grant will provide summer stipends ($3,000 or more) for up to three undergraduate researchers.  These stipends will be available for Summer 2006.  These stipends could be available to non-UW-L students.
  • The College of Science and Allied Health offers similar stipend support through the Dean's Distinguished Fellowships. 
  • UW-L also offers Undergraduate Research Grants ($1,250 of which $500 can be for living expenses).

Record of Past Student Researchers

I have been quite fortunate to have over 17 outstanding undergraduate students and 1 Master's student perform independent research projects in my lab.  Here are some their achievements:

  • 4 have entered Ph.D. programs at Univ. of California San Diego; Univ. of Missouri, Columbia; Univ. of Iowa, and Univ. of Alaska.
  • 3 have entered or are accepted to medical school at Univ. Wisconsin Medical School, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia; and Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • 3 have entered dental school at Univ. Iowa, Univ. Illinois-Evansville, and Univ. Kentucky.
  • 2 have entered veterinary school at Univ. Wisconsin
  • 1 has entered a medical lab science program at Univ. Nebraska Lincoln
  • 2 have taken jobs in research or industry labs.
  • 2 were selected as the most outstanding students in their concentration.
  • 2 received awards as the most outstanding student researchers (at Truman State Univ.).
  • 12 have presented their work at national conferences in places like San Francisco, CA; Washington, D.C.; Salt Lake City, UT; and Austin, TX.
  • 3 former undergraduates are authors on publications from their work in my lab.

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