Jennifer A. Miskowski, B.S., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology


Office:  3018 Cowley Hall


Lab:  257 Cowley Hall     


Phone:  (608) 785-6456





                                                                                        B.S., 1993  Alma College, Alma, MI - Biology & Chemistry


Ph.D., 1999  University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biochemistry


My scholarly interests lie in both teaching and traditional bench research.  As an instructor, I have experimented with many teaching techniques ranging from traditional PowerPoint lecture to case studies and small group work.  I try to incorporate some form of active learning in all of my courses, with an emphasis on information gathering, data analysis, application of learned information to practical situations, and oral and written forms of communication.  I work to find meaningful ways to assess the student learning experience, which often involves the development of new assessment instruments. 

In the research lab, I study the molecular basis of organ formation using the model organism, Caenorhabditis elegans. To learn more about work in the Miskowski lab, please click on the link below.



Courses Taught: Other Useful Sites:
BIO 105 - General Biology My research and research opportunities for students
SAH 105 - Analysis of Health, Wellness, and Disease for the Healthcare Consumer  
BIO 315 - Cell Biology  
BIO 408/508 - Developmental Biology


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