Bio 465/565 Neurophysiology Lab Schedule - Spring 2001


date     lab      


Week 1            Electrophysiology instrumentation orientation;
introduction to NEURON and STELLA modeling.


Week 2            Resting membrane potentials in crayfish abdominal muscles


Week 3            Intracellular potentials in invertebrate giant axons: Resting and action potentials

                        Proposal for group research on intracellular potentials due in class Sep. 26


Week 4            Group research of  giant axon intracellular potentials           


Week 5            Intracellular synaptic potentials at the frog neuromuscular junction            

                        Invertebrate giant axon potentials manuscript due

                        Proposal for group research of synaptic potentials due Oct. 10


Week 6            Group research of synaptic potentials

                        Peer review of invertebrate giant axon manuscript due


Week 7            Cell culture I: Tissue Culture Technique

                        Self evaluation of invertebrate giant axon manuscript due


Week 8            Cell culture II: Regulation of cell division and differentiation in PC12 cells


Week 9            Cell culture III:  Expression of membrane proteins - PC12 cell Acetylcholinesterase


Week 10          Neural networks in an invertebrate brain I

                        Proposal for group research of neural networks due Nov. 14                                    


Week 11          Neural networks II - Group Research                                    

                        Cell culture group research manuscript due      


Week 12          Neural networks III - Group Research                      

(Wednesday)              Peer group evaluations of cell culture manuscript due in class Nov. 28                   


Week 13          Poster preparation


Week 14          Poster presentations of neural network research, including peer  and group         


            Self evaluations of cell culture group manuscript due