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Department of Biology, UW-La Crosse
Rob Tyser
Iceland 1998

My family - Rob, Peter, Kathie, and Andy (Iceland - 1998)

I completed my Ph.D. in Zoology (emphasis in animal ecology) from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1978. I currently teach several courses in the Department of Biology, including

BIO 103 - Introductory Biology

BIO 210 - Animal Biology lab

BIO 312 - Anatomy & Physiology lab

BIO 321 - Field Ornithology

BIO 419/519 - Quantitative Methods in Ecology

BIO 429/529 - Evolution

In addition to teaching these courses, I am the faculty advisor for students in our Biology Major, Environmental Science Concentration. I also serve as a faculty liaison between UW - La Crosse and the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Program, a large U.S. Geological Survey facility in the La Crosse area. Many of our students obtain internships and work at this facility during the summer and school year. It's an excellent opportunity to gain a top notch professional experience in environmental science.