The terrestrial snails of North America are a diverse and imperiled group but conservation status of the majority of species is uncertain. Previous research has estimated ~100 species of terrestrial snails occur in Wisconsin. Only 52 of these species have some information about their conservation status. This research is designed to assess what we know about Wisconsin lands snails, survey for land snails in the Driftless region of the state, and assess conservation status for snails that are potentially threatened or endangered.

In the lab we have recently begun a series of projects on the freshwater snails of Wisconsin as well. The Wisconsin DNR and Aquatic invasive lakes surveys have been collecting snails from all the lakes in the state and sending them to us to identify and determine if they have parasites. This project is with Dr. Greg Sandland's parasitology lab. The first product of this work is a key to Wisconsin Freshwater snails which is under development. The project will let us know what lakes in Wisconsin have invasive snails present, what native snails are there, and if either are heavily parasitized.

Items in development
I. Key to Wisconsin land snails.   
   A) Clickable key.
   B) Printable .pdf
II. List of Wisconsin Land Snails with Conservation status and photos.
III. How to collect snails
IV. Glossary of snail terms - we are working on our own for Wisconsin land snails. For now the Smoky Mountains ATBI has an excellent glossary.
V. Posters showing progress by summer 2010 and 2011 on Driftless Region land snails.
VI. Summer Field Sites

Wisconsin Freshwater snails
VII. Key to Wisconsin Freshwater Snails

Image of Zoogenetes harpa by Jeff Nekola
Funding for this project provided by Wisconsin DNR through the State Wildlife Grant program.