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EvoCI toolkit: concept inventories to assess conceptual understanding of evolution.
Rebecca Price & Kathryn Perez

How can we quickly assess what our students “get” about evolution so that we can tailor our teaching to
meet the unique needs of each class? Can we measure how effective different teaching modules are? We
are developing Evolution Concept Inventories (EvoCI), a series of diagnostic tests that will measure
how well students understand evolution by probing students’ concept of sophisticated evolutionary
principles. Each test in the EvoCI will be a series of multiple choice questions and the incorrect choices for
each question will be based on common misconceptions that students have about evolution. EvoCI will be
available through an online portal that administers the questions and generates instructors’ reports.

Working group funded by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent)

Back row: Ryan Walker, Louise Mead, Anna Hiatt, Greg Davis, Joel Abraham, Mike Smith

Front row: Terri and Finn McElhinney, Kathryn Perez, Becca Price, Tessa Andrews, Mark Terry

 Not pictured: Anna Thanukos, Kathleen Smith, Caleb Trujilla, Anna Hiatt.

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Ongoing Research Projects:
I. Systematics and Taxonomy of North American Polygyrid Land Snails
II. Population genetics of Bithynia tentaculata
III. Wisconsin land snails
IV. Developing concept inventories for evolutionary biology