Dr. Anita Baines -- Ecology and evolution of plant-microbe interactions

Dr. Colin Belby -- Fluvial geomorphology, floodplain sedimentation

Dr. Cynthia Berlin -- Remote sensing

Dr. Bonnie Bratina -- Microbially-mediated transformations of manganese and nitrogen in aquatic systems, molecular microbial ecology

Dr. Tim Gerber -- Aquatic vascular plants

Dr. Roger J. Haro, Assistant Director -- Aquatic invertebrates, watershed ecology, nonpoint source pollution

Dr. Tisha King Heiden -- Reproductive physiology and toxicology, developmental toxicology of fish

Dr. Charles R. Lee -- History of the upper Mississippi River region

Dr. Kathryn E. Perez -- Systematics, ecology, and biogeography of freshwater and terrestrial snails

Dr. Ronald G. Rada -- Limnology, algae, environmental fate of trace metals

Dr. Kris Rolfhus -- Biogeochemistry of mercury and heavy metals

Dr. Mark B. Sandheinrich, Director -- Aquatic toxicology, fish ecology

Dr. Greg Sandland -- Life-history evolution of hosts and parasites; mechanisms underlying species invasions

Dr. Eric A. Strauss -- Biogeochemistry and productivity in aquatic ecosystems

Dr. Meredith Thomsen -- Plant ecology, flood-plain ecology

Dr. Rob Tyser -- Conservation biology, restoration ecology

Dr. James G. Wiener -- Aquatic ecotoxicology, bioaccumulation of mercury in aquatic food webs, sensitivity of aquatic ecosystems to atmospheric deposition of mercury and heavy metals

Dr. Michael R. Winfrey --Aquatic microbiology, microbial transformations of metals, molecular microbial ecology